Monday, March 6, 2023

What Was I Thinking?

 Okay.... it's official!

I am gonna die! No, wait a minute... I should have died shortly after I ate lunch at Q-Daddy's BBQ today. I am still here hours later but, I am still so stuffed I can't move. What was I thinking?

I ordered a BBQ plate so I could bring some of it home with me. BBQ, potato salad, baked beans and 2 of the best hushpuppies you ever bit into. 

picture from Q-Daddy's facebook page


After that, I ripped open a bag of pork rinds, seasoned with their signature rub. That was supposed to go home with me, too. I did not eat the whole bag, just a handful. I swear! 

picture taken by Shirley Dietz

Then Shirley (who was my partner in crime) suggested we get dessert.  

Honey, let me tell you. When she came back to the table with my strawberry milkshake I 'bout passed out. It was huge. And, I drank the whole darn thing. 

picture from Q-Daddy's facebook page

We could not even get out of our seats so we sat there and talked for an hour... hoping our tummies would not explode in the meantime. 

Finally,  we staggered out of that place. We decided that next time we would just order the milk shakes.... oh, and a couple of hushpuppies. They are to die for.

What did I say... 'die for'? It was definately on my mind! Just two crazy nuts who ate too much and lived to tell about it! But, man, I know I will pay for it tonight!


  1. I say go for it Latane. It’s not like we eat like this all the time and this was special. I am envious of everything you ate. It all looked soooooo good, including the pork rinds. I need to put those on my shopping list. Enjoy the rest of your week.

  2. If you had a good time then I say, Go for it! And you don't do this all the time!
    Glad you two ladies enjoyed your time out!!

  3. All I can say is it must have been really, really delicious!

  4. It sounds so good! Glad you had such fun and a yummy meal!

  5. You make me smile! That was quite a meal and I'm glad you enjoyed it. I think , no I KNOW, that I would have had a tummy ache after all that food. I had to look up hush puppies. I hadn't heard of them, nor pork rinds. Must be a Southern thing? GM

  6. How funny! Oh well, you only live once. Enjoy!

  7. You made a lot of folks envious just reading about your meal, Latane.

  8. Oh my, I got full just looking at the pics! You did have a grand time! Good for you! Cathy

  9. I know just how you felt Latane. My brother and SIL took me out for breakfast last weekend for my birthday and I was just stuffed by the time I finished eating. I couldn't eat the rest of the day. Ha!

  10. what a fun "eating out" story!! i read the second part first but i enjoyed all of it!! i never heard of this restaurant!! i sure do wish we had one close by!!


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