Saturday, March 4, 2023

Surprise In a Box!

 Susan said she was sending  me some scarves. Fantastic. I assumed I'd get a padded envelope with the scarves tucked inside. I mean, you get a notion in your head and it sticks. Seldom does it turn out like you thought it would... which is good, RIGHT!

When the BOX arrived it was fairly large. Hmmmm.... what's that girl been up to now?

She'd had fun filling that box with all sorts of goodies and yes, there were five scarves in there as well. 

It was like Christmas. 


As you can see there was such a fun variety. Sweets to eat, tea to drink,  a magazine to read, a set of new pens for me to write with and a to-do booklet. What the heck... Do I need a To-Do list? 😁

So,  this morning I  had Frosted Flakes for breakfast and some of my favorite hot tea.

Have you ordered any TeaPigs tea bags from Amazon? Oh my gosh. Susan sent me the Liquorice and Peppermint mix and it is SOOOOO good. Caffeine free, too. 

I hope that you get a surprise soon. 
They are such fun. 

Blessings to you all!


  1. That's a wonderful surprise to get in the mail! I'm not a tea drinker but that sounds good, even to me.

  2. Susan knows how to make you happy.

  3. What a sweet daughter and what a wonderful surprise. Not familiar with Tea Pig tea, but it sounds mighty tasty.

  4. My family, friends, and I do this. We are also great senders of cards...fantastic snail mail. Enjoy

  5. Yes, they are. Mine also came from a sweet daughter. Seems as if your girl knows just what you'd like. Bet that she had fun filling that box, too.

  6. What a sweet daughter! Mine also loves to gift me things.
    And yes, it's a fun thing to receive And give!

  7. Awww! that was so sweet of Susan to do that. The best gifts seem to be the out-of-the-blue ones.
    Granny Marigold

  8. What a wonderful surprise!!!! Love it ALL!

  9. You've got a phenomenal daughter! What a sweet gift.

  10. What a nice surprise and so sweet of her! She did a great job thinking of fun things to send to you. Have a great week!

  11. What fun to get a package full of surprises:) The scarves too are really beautiful and Susan will love you remembering her as you wear them.

  12. Surprises are wonderful and yours looked great, Latane. I will be mailing a surprise to a friend later today.

  13. Fantastic of her to do that. So thoughtful and a sweet gift.

  14. snail mail, in a box, and a surprise...that's the best ever!! i don't know who susan is, maybe your daughter??


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