Thursday, March 23, 2023

Laughter Every Day Will Keep The Doctor Away

 Well, it looks like I fell off the wagon... the blogger wagon that is. 

Just weird how it comes so easy some days and other times it's a real struggle to post anything.

I do have some things to catch you up on, though.

No pictures  for the first one, sorry....

Shirley came to Centerbrooke to conduct the activity meeting Tuesday afternoon. The staff that usually does that, had a dr. appt. We had the best time. While the cat's away, the mice will play!! 

We did get some events planned, committee reports done, that sort of thing but we just ended up laughing our fool heads off for two solid hours. (the meeting was so long 'cause we were having so much fun). 

Shirley had brought some of her wonderful cookies so we'd stop the meeting to  pass them out to the maintanence crew and anyone else who wandered in. We've got a new janitor. Tuesday was his second day, and we plied him with cookies (and his boss) hoping to stay on their good side. ha  

The Director went home at 5 but it was 6 before we turned out the lights and locked up the community room. Everybody needs to laugh every single day and we got caught up for a whole month's worth I think.

On Wednesday some of us drove to Wakefield (25 miles away) to where I used to live and where Shirley still lives. We had lunch at the Virginia Diner.

 That place is pretty famous. Besides being a restaurant they also ship Virginia Diner peanuts to shops all over the world. If you run across any when you are shopping, just think about me!! 

The diner started out in 1929 with a woman selling soup and biscuits out of an old railroad car. Business got so good, she expanded with an addition to it. That establishment got flooded so they just started over with a new building. Folks from near and far stop there to eat when they are traveling in Virginia. 

That's Lorettta, a sweet Christian lady.... Vivian, a new transplant from the Bronx, NY....Carolyn, another sweet lady.... Donald our farmer.. he has some garden spots here and shares his produce with friends. I sure am glad I am his friend.... Marcia is Donald's wife. She can not hear and it can;t be fixed so we communicate with her via her phone typing out what we say. And, that's where some of our laughter comes from. That phone can't hear any better than Marcia. Some of the things it types, well... I can't repeat here.

Today I repotted my amaryllis. The thing got too big for it's britches  pot. 

We'll see if it grows any better with more space and new soil! I even watered it!! 


  1. Sounds like you have some great friends. It does a person good to laugh out loud. :)

  2. You have a great bunch of friends there and I love hearing about your fun. Laughter is so good for you!

  3. Love your outfit! What a good outing you enjoyed. Just from texting, I can imagine some of the messages Marcia receives. 😵‍💫 Your daughter is a sweetheart for stepping in. She sounds like great fun!

  4. Hi Latane, Those cookies that Shirley baked look just perfect. Mine never look like that. It sounds like you've had a couple of fun days with friends and it's always a great idea to go out to eat isn't it? Are those hush puppies on your plate:)

    1. Yes indeed. They were good but the best ones ever are at a barbeque place down the street.

  5. Oh, I'm so glad y'all had a blast! Nothing like laughter and good friends!
    Big hug to you!

  6. I know what you mean about falling off the "blogging wagon". I've done it, too. But if I limit my time to two days a week I think I can make it. Sounds like you all had a grand time and have made same special "new" memories! Have a wonderful weekend!

  7. Shirley's chocolate chip cookies look so good. Makes me want to bake some myself!!
    Great to hear that you had a fun time at that Diner. The servings are definitely ample!!

  8. Beautiful photos of beautiful friends! I will take a few of those cookies with a large glass of cold milk, please!


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