Saturday, March 11, 2023

It Takes All Kinds

Living in a 55+ apartment complex has been very entertaining, eye-opening and at times just downright funny

I've been here 9 years next month and I've seen some things that I never thought I'd see. I've seen the best in people and the worst in people. And, some people whom I never see! 

There was this one woman who thought she didn't have to go by any rules. That is the way of some folks. So, she gets mad about something someone did and proceeded to stand out on her front entry and scream at this woman standing three floors down, all the cuss words she could think of. Uncomfortable to say the least. She moved and I don't think a one of us shed a tear! Gee, I wonder if the staff 'suggested' she move?

Then there was this man who decided to clean his pistol one day and accidently fired it. The bullet went through the floor and ended up in the apartment below him. It was to his good luck that his neighbor didn't get shot. His apartment was soon available for a new tenant!! 

There is one of the younger set around here who has been an angel to so many of the older ones. Doing and caring when someone was in need. Right now she's with her mom in another state sitting by her bed just waiting til the Lord calls her mom home. We all need angels in our lives, don't we? And, we could be an angel for someone who needs us, too.

There are the parties we have, the friends we make, and the sadness we feel when one leaves us.

I could go on and on but I won't bore you. There are those who make this like family. And, then there are those who scarcely nod when you greet them in the walkway. It does take all kinds. 

I love living here. I never know what's going to happen next and that's entertaining. Seeing a pair of panties lying in the driveway was eye-opening. And, for the funny part...

Some of us gals were talking the other morning. One mentions that four of the residents went to the movie but they couldn't remember which movie they saw. One of the gals insisted it was only three that went and so it goes back and forth. To break up the loop of how many went, I said that I went last year to see 'Were The Crawdads Sing' but I didn't remember who I went with. Then we all burst out laughing. I was that fourth one. It was so funny. I guess you probably had to be there to see the humor. My daughter says she's going to have all our memories tested!

On another note.... 



  1. Oh, that's a panic! Here I was, lamenting your neighbors' states of affair, then you made me laugh out loud. I suppose it's not only Art Linkletter's guests who "Say the darndest things"!

  2. People are certainly interesting! I'm glad the cranky lady is gone. No one needs that!
    I have a feeling you are an angel to many people too!

  3. It sounds like you have found the right spot to live and that gave me laughs to read the last incident you describe, you were the 4th one. Yes, we can always use more helpers or angels.

  4. The world is sure made up of many different kinds of people. Seems you have all them there. :)
    Sounds like a great place for you to live and enjoy life.

  5. You've found such a great place to live. There always seems to be something interesting happening.
    It's unfortunate that there are difficult people around but there are also the ones that cheer a person up and/or offer a helping hand. GM

  6. Oh my gosh Latane, I love you being the fourth person. Ha! It sounds like you are one of the lucky ones who have another family in addition to those related to you:)

  7. Latane, you have described where I live as well, aside from the lady cussing and the man firing the pistol through the floor. We also have all types of people, those who will say hello and those who never look up from their cell phones. Of course, there are also the careless and messy ones who leave items that are not recyclable in the "green" rooms and those who never clean out the lint trap on the dryer.

  8. That's hilarious! Sounds like you all keep each other in stitches!!

  9. you have some good stories there!! where the crawdads sing, excellent movie and book!!


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