Saturday, March 25, 2023

Night Terrors!!

             I'm having trouble sleeping lately. I heard it was caused by old age! 

Last night I was lying in bed on my side, facing the empty space next to me. I was chanting in my head 'go to sleep, go to sleep'. The room was very dimly lit by a small nightlight in the adjoining bathroom so I can sort of see... if my eyes are open. 

I crack one eye open. Just enough to see something move at the edge of the bed. I close my eyes and then it registers. There's not anything that is supposed to be moving in my bed... but me! So I open both eyes. Same thing. It looks like the ear of a kitten and it's switching back and forth. 

                                       I don't have a cat!

So, I raise up on my elbow to get a better look. Well, I be danged if I am not seeing my own finger. My hand is spread out over that empty space and for some strange reason I'm switching my finger back and forth. Maybe I'm counting how many times I repeat 'Go to Sleep'.

                        Well, at least it  wasn't a bug or a snake or some other varmit. 

                                           It was just me! 

                     A gal can't be too careful when she lives alone, can she?

A cat I did in pastels back in 2016. 


  1. Glad it was just you! I thought maybe something got in your room.
    You are talented!

  2. You know what has helped me go to sleep is to take very deep breaths several times. I do it for naps too. It works wonders. Strange imaginings happen at night. Sleep well tonight.

  3. Watch out for that finger! 😊

  4. Restless nights happen to me as well and it seems that falling asleep in a challenge, so you are not alone, Latane. I remember reading somewhere that if sleep is not happening, then you should get up and do something else until you feel tired enough to fall asleep. At times, I have heeded that advice and read on my Kindle until it slipped out of my hand and then sleep followed.

    Glad you were only seeing your hand and not an unwelcome visitor. The cat portrait is lovely.

  5. I do the same when sleep won't come. I keep repeating, I'm warm, I'm comfortable and I'm going to sleep.. if after half an hour I'm still awake I read! At least we don't work so we can take our time in the day.

  6. Ha! Ha! Oh, Latane, I was really worried about what you'd find at the end of your bed when I started reading your story and then I thought that maybe a cat from another apartment had gotten into your apartment. When I read it was your fingers that were twitching I had to laugh. It's really a funny story. You are indeed a talented artist. Is that a portrait of a cat that you once had as a pet?

  7. Lolol...I'm thinking maybe you Need to get a cat!lol
    LOVE your painting!!

  8. I am with you, sleep doesn't come easy for me. My husband can sleep sitting up and I do anything and everything to fall asleep:( Hope you get some rest and happy you didn't have an intruder. HUGS

  9. I'm not sure if you found your wayward finger amusing but I sure did! I'll admit it could have been scary in the middle of the night though.

  10. Lovely pastel! I know my cats would love it. I'm grateful it was just your finger, too. No, we don't want it to be varmints, Have a grand week!

  11. Beautiful artwork! I say get a kitty companion too 😉


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