Monday, March 27, 2023


                          It rained last night! 

              That's a good thing. Why you might ask. 

                    This picture tells the tale. 

              That, dear friends, is pollen that was washed off the trees and streets.    So, I am staying inside! 

Do you have allergies? If so I know too well how it feels. I used to say I could write a book on allergies . 

It was cloudy yesterday, just a gray ole day. I looked out my balcony glass doors to see a bright red cardinal 

         and just had to take it's picture. It's mate was nearby. 

It's little happenstances like that, that make our days happy and bright. I'm so thankful for the happy things in my life. And, that includes you all. 


  1. That red cardinal would bring a smile to my face too.

  2. We are into allergy season here too! And I love your Cardinals this morning. Hugs, Diane

  3. That pollen is horrible! And I love your visitors. They would bring a smile to my face. Have a cozy(inside)day, my friend!

  4. I have allergies too and they will hit soon. Right now, it's still snowy here.
    Gorgeous cardinal!

  5. It's here, as well...everything's green!!

  6. I'm lucky, no allergies for me.
    Wow that red cardinal sure pops out. Beautiful.

  7. I don't have allergies, but it sure covers everything here in spring.

  8. What great photos! I have allergies too. Never had allergies when I was younger so I don't know how I got them when I was older:)

  9. This is definitely allergy season! You have great pictures! I love watching for the cardinals at our feeder. We have quite a few to come.

  10. How I'd love to see a Cardinal...such a beautiful bird.


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