Friday, April 22, 2022

The Bane of My Life - Cell Phones

I hate that cellphone usage has changed us as human beings and how we communicate with each other. 

We no longer talk face to face (well, hardly ever). 

When we have guests over, they aren't talking to us much. They're pulling that phone out and checking for new text messages or answering the ring-a-ding sound. Like it's going to be an earth-shattering call! 

Probably someone just saying hi. And, I am just sitting there waiting for a conversation.

You know, a real, honest to gosh talk where two people laugh and share and it feels so good to be with someone who knows how to converse. 

When I go to events here at our apartment complex, I leave my cellphone in my apartment. The world is not going to end, if I don't take it. And, if it does... then it won't  matter one iota. Will it?

It's like we gave birth to our cellphone and the dr. forgot to cut the umbilical cord! So, we drag it around with us, scared that it will die if we don't hold it and give it attention.

Well, that's off my chest now! Oh, wait a minute... another pet peeve... 

It's those people who answer their phone in crowds of people (a store, a concert, a restaurant) and they are rude enough to talk loudly so the entire place hears every word. Take my advice, folks.... I have no interest in Sarah Janes latest affair, little junior swiping his poop all over the bathroom walls, your husband losing his job. I got enough to worry about without you dumping your gossip onto my shoulders. 

Now, I will say that's off my chest!! Am I being a grouchy old woman or do I have a legit complaint! 

What are your ideas about this 'tied to the phone' thing going on? 


  1. I agree that they're becoming an obsession for people. There's a time and place for them and the dinner table is not one of them. One-on-one conversations are not one of them. I understand getting an occasional text from work but your phone shouldn't become your main focus. And if you get a call in public, for goodness sake find a private place to have the conversation!

  2. Indeed! I feel the same way. And don't even get me started on texting. Plus all the features make cells hard to work. Your blog is gorgeous, I love the beautiful blue flower and matching background!!

  3. Ok the worst was a few years ago in line at a visitation at the funeral home…the man talked on his phone all the way to the casket…appalling..

  4. I agree wholeheartedly. I hate it when my students walk into my classroom and immediately pull out their phones until class begins. Just talk to each other!

  5. I agree, phone use while with friends and family has changed the quality of relationships. A friend I walk with constantly had long phone conversations, I've taken to telling her I'll walk on ahead while she talks. She doesn't do it as often now.

  6. LOLOLOL ... you nailed me! (Well, not the talking in public part.) In part, Tom and I fell into this habit while eating out ... he's stone deaf and I refuse to yell over the noise of other diners.
    Thank you so much for visiting my blog! It looks like we began blogging about the same time; and I can't believe we haven't bumped into one another before now. I'll be back!

  7. I'm no Sociologist but wonder if that's one reason people seem angrier and ruder these days.

  8. First of all I like my cell phone BUT I agree with everything you have said here. One of my peeves is when in a restaurant and someone answers their cell phone. Doesn't matter if they are several tables away, you can still hear them. People need to take classes on phone etiquette. The weird thing is that when I answer a call at home, I can hear my voice getting louder, even when I am on my own. Multiply that to the outside world! I remember having stopped at a traffic light a while ago, right near the high school, and all the teenagers who crossed, every one of them was looking down at a cell phone. So weird!

  9. It's a wonder how people lived years ago without being tied to their cell phones. What you said in this post was very true, Latane, and people can't seem to walk down anywhere without having a phone in their hand and their eyes downcast to look at it. I do take my phone with me when I'm out but it's always in my purse or pocket and never on the table as an invited guest.


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