Friday, April 8, 2022

Refueling My Tank

 I used to stay busy from daylight til way past bedtime. There was always something I needed to do. 

And, I used to ask myself "When am I going to have time to sit in my rocking chair, twiddle my thumbs, nothing much to do?"

                             Honey, let me tell you. I think I have reached that point.

I don't mean that I don't have some things I have to tend to, you know, like fixing my food, doing my laundry, that sort of thing. Those things tire me out more than they used to.

I'm not complaining, mind you. In fact, I think that when I get weary I will just take a nap. When I wake up... then I can sit in my rocking chair.


  1. I don't feel guilty, sitting and doing nothing once in awhile. It's what I aim for - get the work done so I can sit and relax. That's my motivation.

  2. Ain't that the truth! I do believe you have earned the right to just be every now and then.

  3. I get it, me too:) I have so many things that I could do too, but what absolutely needs to get done, gets done! Enjoy your day dear friend, HUGS!

  4. I'm well on the way too. . . . . . things seem such an effort some days, well in truth all days!! Much is because of my constant back/leg pain, really takes the pizazz out of doing things that were once so easy and taken for granted However, grateful for all the good bits still working, and although I rarely nap during the day I do still get "a good night's sleep" most of time. When really down I always think of my beloved Queen Elizabeth II and all she has done in these later years. God Bless her as now things are changing, but hopefully she now has a good excuse to take time off, nap perhaps and enjoy her rocking chair!!
    Mary -

  5. Yep. I try to get my things done and look forward to pouring a cup of coffee and planting myself on the couch with a throw blanket! You have the right idea!

  6. I have a hard time taking time for myself. I always feel guilty. I think, for me, it was being raised on a farm where there was always something that needed to be done or had to be done. I am glad you found your balance. xo Diana

  7. Oh yes, such a wonderful quote.

    Everything takes more time and makes me more tired, these days (at 85). No surprise at that of course.

    It's the figuring out, what's the most important, and then, doing it, that is my present problem. -smile- If you have any suggestions, please share them.

    Please and thank you.



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