Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Happy Sounds of Christmas

                                  Firelogs blazing, music playing....

We decorated for Christmas yesterday in the Centerbrooke community room.

I can't remember when we have had a more festive, nor noisy, group in that room! 

Let the spirit of Christmas settle in each of our hearts! Let love abound!

and, amid all the hullabaloo of us women, there sat Bill quietly putting a puzzle together.

Oh, and my main job was untangling all the wire hangers that had been thrown in a box. And, of course, taking pictures!


  1. What fun! Camaraderie is so welcoming. Bill doing the puzzle in the middle of mayhem cracks me up. Obviously, he is good at focusing. So, did you get the hangers untangled?

  2. What fun! I'd be taking pictures too. I don't know about untangling the hangers though!

  3. I bet Bill just tuned out all the buzz going on around him as he put his puzzle together. The community room looked really nice with that Christmas tree.

  4. What a great time! I do love seeing Bill there working away! You do have so much FUN!!

  5. Sounds like the vertigo has passed for you. Good to see you out and about again.

  6. this sounds wonderful!!! except your task, i would have asked for a different job!! hehehe

  7. It must be fun being part of that!


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