Saturday, December 24, 2022

Homemade Snow, sort of.

 Today was the first of three Christmas get-togethers for us. 

Those that could, met at Shirley and John's for brunch, then we opened presents. It's so hard to get everyone all in one place at one time anymore.

The temperature was 13 degrees when we headed to their house. Perfect weather for John to drag out his snow-making machine so the grandsons could play in the snow. But, alas, the compressor took out on him before he got much snow made. 

He and grandson Dylan went out to stand in the output so they could be covered in snow but the compressor wasn't working properly so they got sprayed with freezing water! They had fun anyway. 

Tomorrow it will be cold, maybe even colder. We'll head back up to Shirleys to spend the day, open presents we give each other and make cookie balls (a big tradition in this family). 

Tuesday we will all head over to the Eastern Shore to my granddaughter's for more Christmas fun. 

Hope you all are enjoying your family and this special holy, holiday season. 


  1. Hope you're having wonderful celebrations. Here's to a happy and healthy new year.

  2. Too bad the snow making attempt didn’t work out, Latane, but a good try by John and Dylan. Give our regards to the eastern shire which we called home for many years. Hope your holiday has been wonderful and best wishes for 2023.


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