Thursday, December 15, 2022

Whoops, wrong holiday


                      Talk about being embarrassed!!

Last year I stuck some cards in my neighbors doors but I never made it to one of the doors. I stuck that undelivered card in my 'card box'.

Fast forward to this year. Again I made cards to stick in doorframes. I'm thinking, Oh, I won't have to make one for the couple I missed so I just grabbed it out of the card box and went out to leave my Christmas cheer for friends. 

Later that day I get a text message from my friend I missed giving a card to last year. Here's what it said:

"Thank you for much for the Valentine card. You made my day."

Gee whiz... it wasn't Christmas that I'd been that 'good neighbor' for last year... I'd passed out Valentines in 2021. And, I'd grabbed up that old card thinking it was a Christmas card. 

             You know what I am going to do?

Come Valentine's Day, I am gonna fix up a pretty Christmas card and leave it at her door. 

    Hey, maybe I could start a new trend!!


  1. Those cute mistakes make us all smile! You may have started something! Hugs!

  2. Now THAT is funny, Latane! I think we all have funny things like that happen every once in a while.

  3. Ha, ha, ha!! Love this.

  4. That is funny and I like your idea!!

  5. That is so funny! And she will certainly laugh at a Christmas card in February!

  6. Obviously both your neighbour and you have a great sense of humour.
    Granny M

  7. That made me laugh and I expect your neighbour had a good laugh about it as well.

  8. Ha! At least you know your "Christmas" card stands out from all the rest of the Christmas cards your friend is getting this year:)

  9. You made my day! I am constantly doing things like that!

  10. I've done things like that also. Thanks for the laugh. Merry Christmas.


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