Tuesday, October 12, 2021

The Life of a Hermit

This dog-nabbed pandemic has about turned me inside out and upside down. I am just not the gal I used to be. 

Sure, people change as they age and to tell the truth the last nineteen months has put a number on me.

                                                  I've just about become a hermit. 

I mean, we had to stay in, in the beginning, to keep ourselves from getting that awful stuff but my patience is wearing thin. 

I used to never leave the apartment without my Cannon camera. Heck, now, I seldom leave my apartment and then only to take care of things I can't at home. My camera is still hanging on the door, looking sad and lonely. I go out to get my hair cut, go to the doctor, and I even brave it ever once in a blue moon and go to an actual restaurant and have a nice meal. Who wants to take pictures of the beauty shop or the doctor sticking a thermometer in your mouth. Oh, yeah, they got those gadgets that can take your temperate if they just aim it at your forehead. What will they think of next? But, I have been known to take pictures of my food. 

I order my groceries to be delivered. I wonder what hermits do for food, oh well. I am sure they manage. But, I don't get the pleasure of squeezing a plum to see if it's ripe or pick up a melon to find the golden (ripe) spot on it's underside.  My shopper is doing that for me.

I don't have my housekeeper anymore. She refuses to get vaccinated. So, while I am holed up here, I am scrubbing, mopping and letting Romba vacumn my floors. Sometimes I let my dishes pile up in the sink. But, there's noone but me gonna see them so I can wash them whenever I darn well please. 

So, maybe being a hermit isn't so bad after all. I am reading some really good books. I just walk down the passageway to the other end of the building and there is a small library. There isn't even a librarian so you can make all the noise you want to. And, take as many books as you think you can read. 

And, I watch tv. I tape all the programs I want to watch now. And, I fast-forward through the commercials. I have been watching Jeopardy for years. And, I can't tell you how much I enjoyed Matt Amodeo. That guy was sharp. I thought it looked like he just hung back the night he lost. But, he's got more money than he'll ever need so if he was tired of it, then let someone else win. 

So, being a hermit is ok. Nobody to tell me what to do. When it gets 8 p.m. I crawl up in my bed and read 'til I fall  asleep. Ain't life grand. 


  1. Latane, I think there are many more of us living the same hermit-like life these last (almost) 2 years. But I see others out running around without a mask and acting like there's nothing serious going on... and wonder "how can they do that?" But we won't jeopardize being careful all this time to giving up now. When things start looking better (and they are beginning to slightly), then we'll open up a bit more. We don't go out to eat yet... but do go to the doctor's and occasionally pick up a few things at the grocery we couldn't get at curb side - always masked,... and I did finally get my hair cut! So hang in there! It may take a while, but it won't last forever.

  2. If there is a hermit club, I think I am a charter member also. I really miss the interactions in person but am making do with phone calls and emails. Like Rian, I am not ready yet to bust loose trusting all is well only to make these many months be for naught. I really think we have gone farther than we have to go. We will get there.

  3. I think I am becoming part hermit too. Your take on being a hermit made me smile. This pandemic is lasting so long, too long. Today it was pointed out to me that the college freshmen this year missed out on a lot of regular type high school things their junior and senior years and now they have to figure out how to do college, when they were mainly hermits for two years. You reminded me I want a haircut!

  4. I feel less "hermit-like" these past few months as we do more things locally, but still cautious and always masked despite now having had #3 vaccine. Find the younger crowd are often unmasked, even inside stores where there is a mask mandate in place here, keeping my distance from them! But I'm sad because yet again we had to cancel 'crossing the pond' so couldn't go home to see my British family and friends. Now will wait until next year and hope we'll all still be around!!!!!

    Enjoy fall Latane and try to get out a bit more if possible - a change of scenery is uplifting - we drove into the countryside Sunday to visit our much-loved pumpkin farm, and stopped for an ice cream - it was a lovely change of pace.
    Hugs - Mary


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