Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Madder Than An Old Wet Hen


I am a laid-back kind of gal. Seldom get mad. Can't remember how long it's been since I was REALLY mad. 

But, honey, let me tell you. 

Day before yesterday I was madder than an old wet hen!!

I got my hair cut. It was 2 when I got out and I was hungry so I just drove to Santa Fe, a block away, and went in.

The place just had about 3-4 tables with people at them. Nice and quiet. Safe distancing.

I ordered a taco salad. It came back swimming in water. Guess they forgot to drain the lettuce but at least they did wash it.

I ate, saving my basket of chips and white sauce (Oh man, do I love that white sauce) to take home with me for an afternoon snack. 

I paid my bill and asked the waiter to fix my chips and sauce to go. He acted like I had asked for a bag of gold and then disappeared. 

So, as he came back by, I asked again. He came stomping out and flung a very small brown paper sack on the table. No container for the sauce. 

I put my chips in the bag. Waited, waited and finally he came back in my space so I asked for a container.

You know what he told me. "I'm busy". 

If he had had lots of customers, I could see it. I know they are short-handed now. But, I've been a customer there for seven years and by golly, I paid for those chips and sauce. 

I was steaming mad. I left the chips there and the sauce and walked out.

Man, I wish I had thought to pour that sauce over those chips in that little brown bag but I didn't. For once in my lifetime, I missed my chance to pitch a real hissy fit. 

So, if you are ever in Suffolk, Va. I would recommend that you not visit Santa Fe restaurant! I am mad at them. You'd be doing me and yourself a big favor if you ate elsewhere😀. 


  1. Give them a bad review on Yelp, Google or Trip Advisor. Then call the manager and tell him/her the story! You deserve better service and the management deserves to know how you (a longtime customer) were treated! Go get 'em!!

  2. How frustrating! (I agree with Bobi.)

  3. I an't image that the taco salad was any good swimming in water. Why didn't you send that back? I agree that you need to write a review online about your experience.

  4. Oh my, so sorry that this happened to you. Customer service is just not too good lately, not in all restaurants but in some. I know that they are busy, short of workers etc. But dang. I sat in line at a drive-thru yesterday for a $3.21 meal. Needless to say, if I could have gotten out of the line I would have. Enjoy your day dear friend, HUGS!

  5. Isn't that awful! I am so sorry for your treatment.

  6. Hi Latane, I think you should call or write to the manager/owner of the restaurant. If you call, prepare ahead of time as to what you will say and let the manager/owner know that you have been coming for 7 years to the restaurant and what you've written here as to how you were treated. That kind of treatment is unacceptable and the manager should be made aware of the employee's rudeness. You'd be doing a favor for the manager/owner.

  7. I think you should notify the manager or the owner of the restaurant and let them know how badly you were treated. That's not a nice way to run a business. I hope today is a nicer day for you, hugs, Edna B.


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