Friday, June 7, 2024

Geez, Life is Boring!

 There's just so little going on around here... it's hot... wanna stay inside

So, I've not had anything of worth to share with you all

Did get my hair cut the other day! I did go to lunch with Shirley! I finished reading a book. Streamed a bunch of old 'Reba' sit-com episodes. 

How dull can you get!!!! Right. 

I hope all of you are finding more interesting things to do than I have. Although I did enjoy reading 'Absolute Power' by David Baldacci. And, I am enjoying watching Reba which I did not watch when it ran first go around. 

I'll just post some pictures I have in my 'blog archives' folder. At least you'll have something to see if not to read! 

Our resident osprey that comes every year to entertain us here at the Commons.

The heron sneaking along the bank hoping for some lunch

I bought me some peaches to eat. They weren't clear-seeded so that was a bummer. But, they did taste good. 

And, I will leave you with this. I just thought it was hilarious! 


  1. Funny.
    It does get boring when it’s hotter than snot outside and I’m inside.

  2. Oooh - the peaches!
    Hahaha - too funny!

  3. I love David Baldacci, but don't recall having read this one. I did read the Exorcist back in the day -- which made me appreciate this joke even more!

  4. Staying inside when it is so hot outside is a good idea, Latane, but I know it can get tedious as you enjoy being on the go. Thanks for the funny!

  5. Oh my gosh, that's... I don't know what that is! Scary? Creepy? Heart stopping, YES! I would have a heart attack! Love the pictures of the birds. Like you, things have been boring at my house too. Hope something fun happens soon!

  6. Those peaches look phenomenal. Local peaches aren’t in season here just yet, but I am counting the days. I have quite a few fresh peach recipes that I am eager to try.

  7. Life is pretty quiet here too. I don't mind it but as you doesn't give much to blog about. On the other hand, I enjoy reading what others are doing even when it's "boring". So blog on!!
    Love those peaches. And the bird pictures.

  8. Hahahaaa....omGGG funny!!

  9. Well I do about the same- read, watch TV, take a walk, and cook a little- guess I'm boring too. Oh I need to add publishing my blog, reading and commenting on other blogs- that keeps me busy too. Have a great week!! Love the Osprey photo.

  10. That is hysterical! I wish I could do that toy sister as she loves that book.
    I just watched the absolute power movie,it was excellent.
    Those peaches are gorgeous.
    I have 14 peach trees.
    Guess how many peaches I got to eat this year. One.
    I live in the country and the squirrels
    stripped every tree bare in coordinated
    My neighbor has a huge peach tree.
    It was covered in fruit.
    He said he's was going to town then coming home to pick it and can some peaches.
    He came over to my house very upset and asked me if I had seen people in his yard while he was out.
    They had trespassed and stolen all his peaches.
    I told him no and besides his gate was shut the entire time.
    The furry thieves had struck again.
    He's still in shock and can't believe that they could strip a tree that fast.
    Believe it,they have dozens of accomplices.


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