Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Four-Leaf Clovers


I think I may have found one, maybe two, four-leaf clovers in my lifetime. Just never had any luck at that but I can say that I have had my share of luck (blessings, whatever you want to call it) without finding a thing. 

Do you ever stop and think about what kind of blessings have rained down on you? We just don't pay enough attention nor give enough thanks.

Just wanted to share this little poem with you today. I've had this poem for eons, read ever so often. Keeps me reminded that I don't have to find those four-leaf clovers to have showers of blessings fall on me every day. 


  1. I've not found many 4 leaf clovers but sure have been blessed in my life!

  2. What a lovely poem, thank you (Sandy)

  3. I used to look when young for four leafed clovers, and found lots. I have been blessed meeting my husband in my sixties and thank the Lord every day for him.


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