Monday, May 6, 2024

Derby Party Fun

The Kentucky Derby was run Saturday evening. For the first time,here at Centerbrooke, we had a Derby party. Wow, what fun. A whole slew of gals cooked and decorated, held games and took pictures.... we all had a blast! 

First I will entice you with the food.... 

Kentucky Bourbon Meatballs, Southern potato salad, Pimento cheese sandwiches, Kentucky pasta salad, fruit, cheese straws.... I know I've left stuff out. So hard to keep up with it all. For desert we ate Toasted Pecan Cupcakes and banana pudding. 

Oh good grief.... I thought I had more pictures of the food than just this one. I am sure there are a bunch of pics floating around....I just didn't get them. 

At our "meet and greet" Lois gave everyone virgin mint juleps. No alcohol allowed... oh well, Who needed it to have fun?

As we registered we were given a ticket which we then took to the betting table and dropped it in "OUR" horses cup. I chose Forever Young... wouldn't you know it.. when the race was run that horse came in 3rd. But, hey, it wasn't last!! 

Most of the women wore their fascinators (hats) and some of the men had on hats or bowties. And we sat around drinking our mint juleps and laughing and having a great time. 

I am sorry but I have to break this up into two or more posts. There was just so much going on! 
I'll be back soon with more Kentucky Derby Party fun. 


  1. What a fun event! You got some great photos. Sorry you didn't win, but 3rd isn't bad. :)

  2. What a fun idea to have a derby party, Latane, and those fascinators looked beautiful on all the lovely ladies.

  3. You do love a reason to party!

  4. Oh, I would have loved to attend that party!!!

  5. The hats just added that bit extra to the party.

  6. Gosh you ladies look lovely in your fascinators & the one gentleman dashing in his hat. I expect the Derby races are similar to the U.K.’s Ascot, where the ladies wear fancy hats. I’m intrigued by the idea of a Kentucky bourbon meat ball. I’m frequently reminded how little culinary experience I have when it comes to meat. We’re newly reacquainted , since I recently stopped being long time vegetarian. Mint juleps sound delightful too.


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