Wednesday, March 2, 2022

Our Comedy Hour

 A couple weeks ago we residents got notice that if we were interested in joining a comedy club to meet in the community room. Well, I wander down there, say 'Yes, sign me up' and I am feeling excited.

Later we meet to get our scripts and practice. Yep, we are going to put on a Comedy Hour which will consist of 12 short skits aimed for the older generation's funny bone. 

To begin with I had been assigned as narrator. But, I get scripts for 3 of the skits.. What! I am going to be in THREE of them. Oh Lordy. 

I am sitting there watching everyone mill around, One of my scripts is the wrong one, a fellow is trying to get the microphone to work and the lady in charge is about as ditzy as Lucy! I keep thinking, 'What did I do? Why am I here? I wonder if it's too late to run.' 

But, I've stuck it out and it's beginning to take shape. We rehearse twice a week and I think we are getting better. Some of the skits are so funny, even if the delivery lacks finesse. 

Here's a shorten version of one of the skits:

Wife is nagging husband. ''Hon, will you fix the washing machine. It's been broken for weeks." at which he replies "Do you see Westinghouse written on my forehead?"  

Wife: It's so dark in here. Please fix that light switch

Husband: "Do you see General Electric written on my forehead?'

Wife: Well, at least fix that broken front step. Somebody's gonna get hurt.

Husband: 'Do you see Home Depot written on my forehead?'

So, he gets in the car and leaves. But, he feels bad so he goes back. As he's going up the steps he notices that they are fixed. Inside the house the lights are on and the washing machine is going. 

Husband: 'how did all that get fixed?'

Wife: I was sitting on the front step crying when this nice young man came by and asked me what was wrong. I told him and he said he'd fix it all if I would either go to bed with him or bake him a cake.

Husband: 'What kind of cake did you bake?'

Wife: "Do you see Betty Crocker written on my forehead?'

So I guess things will turn out alright. Now, if we can just get someone to come see us 'perform'. 


  1. I'm sure they'll be queueing up to get a ticket. Sounds like a great venture into the theatre world.

  2. What a fun event this will be!

  3. Love it. That was funny and think your show will be a smash hit.

  4. Skit was funny. Keep us posted on how it goes.


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