Saturday, March 12, 2022

Laughter Is The Best Medicine


We have a new Comedy Club here at Centerbrooke! Yes, I did sign up. Then I wondered why I did but as we closed our first show last night, I was happy I stuck around for the fun. 

two of the actors discussing their skit.

I was in 3 skits. They were pretty short and since we are in the 'forgetful' stage of life we read our lines from the scripts we held in our hands. No one was making pictures so between my skit activity, I'd sneak around and try to get some shots of us in action. 

A Mom reads a letter she wrote to her son. It appears that neither of them are too bright so it's funny.

Every skit drew laughter and boy, we all need laughter these days, what with the world the way it is. Some of the skits were hilarious and the audience really enjoyed themselves. 
Our emcee

People just haven't been turning out for things here. I think we got so used to being isolated that it's hard to turn around and go in the other direction. Last night we had a large (well, for us anyway) crowd. I know our director/organizer/promoter was more than surprised and excited. 

People getting settled waiting for the performance

The ending skit was performed by the director and her husband. They were in bed and she was trying to get him to get more 'intimate' and every line had a sexual 'overtone' (at least that's where your mind went) but the ending was something totally different and the audience loved it and just howled. 

'But, Honey, you used to kiss me goodnight."

There will be more events for us to be involved in. I heard the director that we have a meeting coming up next month where I suppose we will be making plans. 


  1. Such a fun time, to participate in. Lovely that things like this, are available, where you are living.

    Just found your blog! I'm 85.

    My Icon today is Judi Dench, from "Mrs. Henderson Presents"... I'm feeling rather "I am not amused" today. And this picture of her, seems to say it!!!! -grin-

    Gentle hugs...

  2. Laughter is a wonderful medicine, and we all need more of it. Glad the evening was such a success!

  3. Your comedy club sounds like fun. I would have enjoyed that last skit too.

  4. Oh that sounds like SO much fun! I love to laugh, it seems to help everything! Enjoy your day dear friend, HUGS!


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