Tuesday, March 22, 2022

"The Wife Upstairs"

 Recently, my Susan sent me a package with three books in it. She does audio, I usually read on my kindle so having a physical book in hand felt good. 

I tell you, gals, you really need to read this one. It's easy read but will keep you guessing and wondering and it gets time to go to sleep and you can't put it down! Yeah, it's one of those kinds of books. 

A story of a out-of-luck gal running from 'something' from her past. So, she starts walking dogs for people in this ritzy part of Birmingham. 

I lived a large portion of my life just 35 miles from Birmingham so I could figure out where everything was taking place. That's fun when you are familiar with the setting of a book.

Anyway, she starts walking this handsome dude's dog for him. He's rich, lives in a big house, newly widowered. (is that a word?) She ends up moving in with him... and I am not going to tell you any more. Or it will spoil the surprises for you. So, read it if you like mystery page-turners. 


  1. Sounds intriguing. I love a good book where you can't guess the end!

  2. I too love a book based in a familiar area. I will look for it but will start reading it in the AM so I don't lose sleep. Thanks for the warning.

  3. A book that you can't put down is a great recommendation.

  4. I enjoyed that book! I like a book I find myself thinking about all day, longing to get back to it...

  5. Just added this to my must read list, LaTane. Thanks for the review! xo Diana

  6. It is on my reading list now, thanks Latane :)


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