Friday, March 18, 2022

20 Years Cancer Free

                                                   It's time to CELEBRATE 

20 years ago today (March 18, 2002), I was in the operating room at MCV hospital in Richmond, Va. having a hefty length of my colon removed. I had colon cancer. Had no clue. 

I was supposed to be getting a knee replacement but during pre-op for that, they discovered I was anemic and set about finding out why. 

Well, they found it alright. And, it wasn't fun, I tell you right now. The nurse told me afterwards that I would be shocked to see what all they had to do in there. It 'a'int' been right since!! But, I thank my lucky stars that my knee saved my life. For, if it hadn't have been for that knee surgery that cancer probably wouldn't have been discovered in time. 

After months of chemo, life slowly got back to the normal we were living with at the time. I had a husband, who had Alzheimers, to care for. I always thought God saved me so that I could share my hubby's last years. 

So, today, 20 years later I am celebrating being cancer free. Y'all, having a colonoscopy isn't fun. I know... but it sure as heck beats the alternative. So, get yours!! 

       Here's a picture of my husband taking me for a walk. First time out of the house after my surgery.


  1. Now that is worth a big celebration.

  2. Congratulations! 20 years cancer free is something to celebrate!

  3. Congrats on your 20 years cancer free. I'm on my 18th year (bladder cancer) so I know how grateful each year can be. You are right. All screenings that are available to us need to be taken seriously. Caught in time, cancer can be whipped.

  4. Congratulations. That is BIG.

  5. I'm so thrilled for you dear - 20th Anniversary of beating cancer is marvelous.
    I am also a survivor of colorectal cancer. Thanks to quick diagnosis, a great surgeon, radiologists, oncologists, and those dreaded months of chemo, I'm now 32 years out myself. . . . . yeah, we beat it and now I pray others will too!

    Bless you and stay well dear Latane.

  6. Wonderful!!!!!!

    "Whether it is the best of times
    or the worst of times,
    it is all the time we've got."

  7. I'm late commenting here, Latane... but sincerely want to offer my congrats! I'm a 22 year breast cancer survivor. And every year is worth celebrating!


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