Friday, March 4, 2022

Living Life To The Fullest

 For the past several years I have been interested in learning to 'live life to the fullest'. There are so many misconceptions about aging so I have read, studied, absorbed all I could about how I could age gracefully. 

My daughter Susan sent me a link to Maria Shriver's Summitt on Aging and I signed up right away. It's been online all this week, 2 sessions per day and I have sat taking notes and loving it all. Well, not all but most. Alas, today is the last day. It was free if you watched it this week, you can pay if you wish to have it available permanently. If I'd had any idea it was going to be so insightful, I would have sent you a link before it happened but I didn't. Sorry. 

Being 88 there are times I feel really old. Other times I feel energized and ready to go on a new adventure. I guess that's common. But, I learned that 80% of how we are at this age depends on us. On our mindset and our willingness to reinvent ourselves. Of course, there's the other 20%, genetics, environmental, accidents, etc that we can't control. 

I am so inspired right now and I don't intend to lose that if I can possibly help it. There was a 95 year old woman on there who is in an aging study. She was delightful. There was Goldie Hawn. I always thought of her as that ditzy blonde on Laugh-in. Had no idea she has a foundation to teach children how their brain functions and how to deal with stress and other issues. So, I have a new respect for her. There was William Shatner. Did you know he was 90!! When was it he went up in space? Just recently. He has a new album out, is taking the family to Hawaii in a couple months, fell off a horse a couple weeks ago while out riding. And, he is a big advocate for those wheel chairs in airports for getting around. He was so funny. 90!! What an inspiration.

There were expert on aging, nutrition, genetics, so much more. I loved it. I am ready for a new chapter in my life. How about you?


  1. Great post, Latane! Definitely sounds like an interesting session... and probably very uplifting. I too believe that age is more than just physical... mental attitude is very important (in everything, not just aging). But so many things I used to do in the past are not worth the consequences now - like horse back riding. Loved it years ago but not worth the back agony after riding now. Travel, while still worth it in the long run, takes on a lot more planning, etc. But thanks for the info about Maria Shriver's Summit on Aging.

  2. Wonderful post and attitude, Latane! Staying active mentally and physically is so important.

  3. It's all in the attitude and outlook, Latane, and aging while inevitable should not be taken simply ling down and waiting for what happens next because we do know what that will be. Keep moving!

  4. Good for you! Yes, bill Shatner is amazing. A good attitude like this makes life so much easier.

  5. This was so inspiring! I'm 60 and am feeling older by the week. One day I'm ready for retirement and the next I'm eager to go to my (stressful) job and kick butt! And I think you're right, most of it is controlled by our thoughts. Inspirational 'self talk' can be so helpful. Reminding ourselves who God created us to be. Thank you for sharing this!

  6. It is amazing how long we are living now.
    I've rather lost my mojo, but hope to carry on. You are a pistol! I love you!

  7. I am with you GIRL! I am not going to participate in getting old:) I will be 68 in May and will keep doing healthy things to make it on in the years like you! Way to go watching and gathering info on "living life to the fullest"! HUGS!

  8. I love you and I love your attitude!!! I'm 73 and I want to be like YOU!!

  9. Just found your blog, and happy I did!!!!

    Btw, my Icon now, is Judi Dench, in 'Mrs. Henderson Presents' film. Quite "we are not amused" looking. -grin- I feel that way today, with my "I do not like time change" post.

    Gentle hugs.....


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