Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Finding My Purpose As a Widow

 I'm a Blogger! Have been since 2007 and I enjoy it so much I can't imagine not doing it. 

Early on, I blogged/documented 'our journey through alzheimers'. It was a release for me as I was, at the time, caregiver for my husband who had Alzheimers. It served as a support group and we caregivers all went though our journeys together. I made some really good friends and had wonderful support. 

On our 60th wedding anniversary, a month before he passed away

After he passed away, I changed the name of the blog to Living On Main Street, 'cause I posted about what kind of life I was trying to live as a widow on Main Street. 

Those first years of grief I was one lost soul. I could not figure out who I was, what I was supposed to be doing, what my future held. But, I was determined to not waste one single moment being bitter, lazy or disinterested in life. 

And, first thing you know, people were telling me how much I inspired them with my determination, my attitude, the way I looked at things. So, I started a new blog Accidently Aging in an effort to share with others some words of encouragement, some hope, some fun. But, I get so off track and I'll have first one theme going, then another. I told you in my last post, consistency is not my main suit. 

The other day I picked up one of my notebooks and flipped through it. On it's pages I had been writing my thoughts on different subjects, most about growing older. So, I thought (there that hair-brain idea thing goes again) that from time to time I would share my thoughts with you. I sure hope it encourages someone who needs lifting up. Who needs someone who understands. 

I am a writer, a story-teller, a keeper of family history. I think that I forget that sometimes. I have a lot of stories to share, a lot of experiences, too. And, a lot of wisdom gleaned from 88 years of experiences, mistakes, and learning that I have had. Some people like to just scan through blog sites looking at pictures. Some like stories. I need to post what's in my heart, not what I think someone else wants me to, or to follow a trend. 

It's still going to be a hodge-podge of ideas, but I hope to in-corporate more of my feelings about this aging process we all are going through. Hope you are along for the ride. 


  1. Will be here. Isn't blogging wonderful? I do it much the same as you.

  2. Always interested in what you write so well Latane. Your continuing positive outlook on life has been an inspiration. . . . . I often need that, especially in these current times!
    Stay well and keep sharing your fun 'hodge-podge' with us all!
    Hugs - Mary

  3. Love that last quote... about how we ran the race. And I too find that it's simply nice to share our thoughts. We all have stories - and sharing them can be fun.

  4. There is so much to learn from others, both younger and older. I look forward to reading your well-written thoughts!

  5. I'll be here to follow along. I am 67, coming up on 68. I try to look forward to the next day, the next year. Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

  6. I've always found your blog uplifting and insightful. I, for one, have gleaned much encouragement from you through these last few years. Thank you for sharing, Latane.


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