Monday, January 17, 2022

Mad As An Old Wet Hen!

                                                                   Mad as an old wet hen!!

        Okay, girls, I need a friend's shoulder to cry on this morning. Maybe more than one.

                                            And, anyone who is willing to listen to me bitch. 

You see, I went to the dentist last Thursday and came out of that office mad, confused and upset. You see, I have been losing teeth at a faster rate than anyone would want. I have a lot of 'empty' space on the right side of my mouth and then I had three teeth pulled on the left side. One of those I had a post put in.

So, I asked my dentist (who is a man of very few words) what my options were to fill in the one space that was noticeable when I talked. You might say it was more cosmetic than medical. 

If that dentist hadn't been so silent, he would not get that unwanted drama he's about to get from me. 

The receptionist was to email me the options. I never got them. Then, I am informed that my insurance has okayed a bridge (which was how I was leaning) so I started asking what did putting a bridge in, entail.  All I got was "we'll prep the two adjoining teeth and then cement in a permanent replacement." End of explanation. I should have pushed. I wish I had. 

So, last Thursday I went in for the "prep". Figured an impression was in store. But, when the impression was made, here the dentist comes with a big needle and proceeds to give me 4 big, ole shots. What the dickens is going on. 

To make a long story short, after the dentist had grounded down two perfectly good teeth so he could attach my 'bridge' to them, I came out of there mad as an old wet hen!! Mad at him for not explaining things to me and even madder at myself for not pushing for answers. 

So, the reason for this post. Don't even think about saying the word bridge to me ever again! And, I would highly recommend you think long and hard about such a procedure if you have the need to 'fill a space' in your mouth. 

        Thanks for listening. I feel better now. You all are such sweet friends!! 


  1. sorry you've had this trouble. My dentist also does not talk a lot, so I have to ask things. I hope you will be happy with the b_____ and these bad feelings may fade away. Thanks for the post though, it will help many! I have just recently "found" you and am so glad I did! This is my first comment!

    1. Thank you, Paula and welcome to my blog. I hate bitching but this has just got me down! Thanks for listening and leaving a comment.

  2. They will always have to drill down teeth to have a bridge attached. I've had one since an accident at twenty.but the alternatives are implants or all the teeth and full dentures neither of which are fun. But u can attest being without teeth also is not. I agree he should have given you the full play by play.

  3. I don't blame you for being mad. How dare he assume that was what you wanted. I feel angry for you.

  4. Ooh, I'd be a wet hen also. Besides, if it is like what I had looked into, that is a really expensive procedure. Hope you are at least happy with your unwanted bridge.

  5. Oh, you poor thing! I would be upset as well. I do not like surprises like that! I do hope you are feeling better.

  6. I am so sorry, Latane. That is not good. They should have explained it to you better. I had a bridge put in many years ago but I knew exactly what they were going to do...and it has served me well. But, then again, it was all explained to me before hand. I hope. you can get everything fixed and that it all works out. Hugs- Diana

  7. . . . . . perhaps time to seek out a new dentist Latane. That does not sound like the way to treat a patient. I've known mine since he was a little boy and was treated by his dad, both great dentists, personable and chatty!!!!
    Sorry this happened.

  8. Oh dear:( My Sister-in-law just went through something similar with her teeth. She had problems due to Chemo. I am not sure what she chose but she is to get the gaps filled soon. SORRY you had to go thru this. HUGS!

  9. I am sorry you had to go through this Latane. Professionals who don't explain what they are going to do are so frustrating!


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