Wednesday, January 26, 2022

The Tale of a Mocking Bird


First let me tell you that the picture above does not go with this story. Due to circumstances beyond my control I could not get a picture of the mocking bird that this is all about. So, I just used an old pic.

I decided the other day that I would go to Wendy's and pick me up a chicken sandwich for my supper. Due to most people not eating indoors at restaurants these days, the line was kind of long. So, I creep along, inch by inch until I get to the speaker to do my ordering.

As I am sitting there I hear this clicking sound. My car is old (2005) but it runs great, looks great and at this stage of the game I am not buying another car! So, what is making that clicking? I edge forward, following the car in front of me, I still hear it. I move again a few inches. More clicking. It seems to be coming from the back of the car. 

Now, I can't drive and turn all the way around to look so I take a peep at my rear-view mirror and find the 'clicking' culprit. There is a mocking bird sitting on the truck of my car, cleaning out that area around the window where pine straw collects (and I had a bunch in there). He'd lift a straw out, place it on the trunk, peck until he got ahold of another and add it to his pile of straw. I'd never seen anything like that. 

He stayed in place, gathering pine straw until I got to the pickup window and then he flew away. 

Have you ever seen one do that? I've seen them get straw for their nest but this is not nest building time. It's winter... cold... and he wasn't taking any with him to make repairs to his own domicile. I just got the biggest kick out of it. 


  1. Maybe there were some tasty minute critters in the straw and that was what it was after.

  2. Oh My Goodness, Latane. That is really quite, quite funny. Who would have ever thought!?! xo Diana

  3. That was weird. He was just doing you a favor? I have a 2003 and know how those drive thrus seem amplify any noises. I am always grateful when it is the car ahead of me:)

  4. Maybe he's like the eager gardeners who tramp around their garden even when it's freezing out. He just wants spring to come earlier, so he's picking up straw bits! How funny.

  5. Well, that is interesting. I know you are happy that the noise was a bird and not a problem with your car. I am always listening for strange noises with mine. I love watching birds, we have lots of them around my house. Enjoy your day dear friend, HUGS!


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