Saturday, January 29, 2022

Winter Wonderland

                                    I woke up to a winter wonderland this morning! 

Oh my, how beautiful it is. Soft, fluffy snow caught on every limb, every blade of grass, on tops of cars, on everything. 

I wish I could get out and play in it.   I do have some regrets about how I didn't do some things I could have when I was younger. If I get the chance I might try to correct those regrets but... not by myself. I am too afraid of falling and breaking something, like my leg or my hip or something. 

I wish I had built a snowman. I never did.

                  I wish I had gone sledding. I never did.

                                   I wish I had gone snowmobiling. I never have.

                                                     I wish I had taken a ride in a horse-drawn sleigh. Covered with a warm blanket and little bells on the reins jingling. I never had.

But, once I did have a snowball fight.

And, my grandson and I went in search of animal paw prints in the snow. We stayed outside so long his mother got worried about us. But, we had such fun.

And, yes, I have made snow ice cream and it's so good. 

But, watch out if someone comes along with a sled or a horse-drawn sleigh... I'll be bumming a ride!!


  1. Good to have ambitions! It looks very beautiful.

  2. Me neither on enjoying a horse drawn sleigh ride. But like you if one comes along, I'm hitching a ride. Hope they have an extra blanket.

  3. You have to come visit! There's a horse drawn carriage in the snow here at one of the resorts! I'd love to do it myself. :-)

  4. I had never been snow shoeing until we moved here, but now I have my own pair. We missed the large dump of snow that happened east of us. For us it gave us several inches to clean up the snow we had. It did bring us back bitter cold temps.

  5. I wish you had built a snowman. They are fun to make. Maybe you could make one out of ice cream, and get creative with decorating it. I might do that myself since I now live in Florida and snow is out of the question.

  6. Great pictures, Latane. So funny that they were worried because you and your grandson were gone so long in the snow. I wish I liked the snow and cold but I don't. I used to sled with my kids when they were little and ice skate but anymore I prefer a fireplace and hot coffee. lol. xo Diana

  7. Snow is beautiful! I like it for a short while, but don't want it hanging around for months, as it did when I was growing up further north. I've done all those things and they were fun. I'm sure you've done plenty of other interesting things. Wish I could drop by with a horse drawn sled!

  8. Glad you enjoyed the sight of the snow even if you couldn't play outside. I didn't either - too painful to walk let alone lay down and try to get up again, lol!

  9. I will be 85 in a couple of months. :-)

    Let's not fuss about the things we didn't do. Let's remember the things we did do, and had fun with.

    Gentle hugs to you...

    😏 My Icon is "Vera," not me 😏


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