Friday, January 21, 2022

Overcoming Fear

                                                              My Thoughts

I sometimes think of something I want to do, some place I want to go, some goal I want to achieve. And, it seems so unattainable.

There's too much involved, the pathway is not clear and I am afraid of the unknown.

                                             Fear begins to control me. 

But, the fear will lessen with each step that I take. So, I take just one step. Tomorrow I take another. 

Before I know it I am nearly to the end of my quest and fear has been overcome by courage. 

                           Live in the moment. Keep your eyes on the road. Enjoy the Journey. 


  1. Great thoughts! Keep on keepin' on, that's what I am doing. Enjoy the journey is great advice! HUGS!

  2. You have a great attitude Latane. Thank you for this sound advice.

  3. You have given such simple and practical advice on overcoming fear. So many people are paralyzed by fear, and taking that first step, then another, is the best way to beat it.

  4. You continue to inspire even though at this time of year, and in a never-ending pandemic situation, life is not full of joy and fulfillment. Promises, predications, even desires, no longer come true. Many of us are born worriers, some of us fearful even neurotic about the future and just what we will be able to accomplish. As Lorrie says, taking the first step and then another, one by one, might be the only way - our days of running like the wind have perhaps gone, now sitting quietly with our wonderful memories will be most enjoyable times.
    At least you wrote your book - I'm still not there yet despite the desire!

    Enjoy this Sunday and the week ahead dear Latane, one great day at a time.
    Hugs - Mary

    1. Mary, I hope you will take that first step toward writing your book. At current time, I am writing a sequel to 'Springtime In Magnolia'. May never finish it but the story is inside me so it must come out...

  5. This is such a wonderful message to us all. I just had a birthday so it's especially good for me. I am a big skeeerdy cat about so many things but I just keep going and getting out there. And it gives me confidence. You are such a beautiful lady! I'm glad to know you!


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