Monday, January 24, 2022

Our New Digs!

                                                It's Monday and I am in a fine mood! 

The snow has about all melted and the temps are gonna be a bit higher. Brrrr. I hate cold weather! 

When I moved in to the Commons, it'll be 8 years come April, one of the things that drew me to this location was the fact that it provided me with a lot of what I wasn't getting in my other place. It was close to hospital, doctors, stores, restaurants and even though, this was an apartment complex, we had a common room where they helped us with activities. 

And, then Covid hit... 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Our old kitchen. 

 New owners had just taken over and had begun to update the place. But, things slowed down what with workers out sick and all  that. So, now, 9 months later they have completed the renovation of our new common room. 

I went down to take a peek and I am so excited. Can't wait for potlucks and games and just meeting friends again. But, of course, we have to be careful.  That awful Covid is not gone yet. 

Our new kitchen! The bar in the old one was so high that when we had potluck and the dishes were set on top of the bar you couldn't see what you were spooning onto your plate. Look at that new lower bar, we won't have that problem anymore. 

The seating area is behind the divider. There's a television and a fireplace to enjoy. And, things for the guys to do was non-existent before. Look at this... chess and you can see a pool table in the background where a game is going on.

Behind this wall is the pool table, also tables with games set out on them for anyone to play. the computer station is to the left. 

Like I said.... I can't wait to enjoy this wonderful, new space. 


  1. How wonderful for all of you!! I am not widowed but am aging, middle 70's. I have to start thinking about the future for when we can no longer take care of this huge property. Enjoy your day.💖

  2. Oh my goodness! That is beautiful! So excited for you. Have a cozy day!

  3. Very nice update! I like how the new owners seem to have the residents best interests at heart. I hope it won't be long until you can get in there and enjoy.

  4. What a beautiful, modern space for you and your neighbours to enjoy. I do hope it won't have to wait too long to be fully used! Potlucks are so much fun!

  5. . . . . .are there any vacancies Latane? Kidding of course, but quite honestly I would love that space now all modernized to meet up with the neighbors.
    So nice to hear of residence owners caring about their tenants and actually putting some of the profits back into the facility. I tip my hat to them.
    Enjoy - hopefully soon you can all share the space and have some fun times.

  6. Isn't that wonderful! It looks great.

  7. How beautiful and wonderful for you all!


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