Thursday, November 16, 2023

She'll be Coming 'Round The Mountain... When She Comes

 Shirley decided we needed to take a more scenic route across the mountains... Hwy 58 from the western part of Virginia to my apartment.

                    Let me tell you... it was an adventure!

We should have had the first clue when we slowed to a crawl behind this...........

We came to a stop and we waited and we waited and then we waited some more. 
Finally they let us continue. We soon saw what the hold-up was!

They are tearing down the mountain. Making the road a four-lane I reckon. 
This went on for miles and miles, one mountain after another being chewed up and leveled out.

So, if you are planning a trip on Hwy 58 through the mountains of Virginia....
I suggest you take another route.

We did have fun, though. 


  1. Beautiful (in a sort of scary way with that highway going in!). We had a highway doing in a mountain near State College PA a few years ago when we had a house out that way. andrea

  2. Kind of sad. I know we need safe roads, but it seems like they could do it without tearing down the mountain!

  3. Oh goodness...progress?

  4. Looks like a beautiful country area that will now be busier. Glad you still had fun despite your delays.

  5. I feel like there is road construction everywhere right now. They are putting in way too many round-abouts in my home town.

  6. It sure is beautiful though! What gorgeous scenery!


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