Thursday, June 22, 2023

Favorite Fruits

                          I love fruit...

Well, some of it. I'm picky about which ones are my favorites. Do you have favorites in the fruit kingdom? 

I like some apples... gala especially. Not so much the tart ones. I remember eating green apples off the tree in our front yard back in the day!! Years and years later I became allergic to apples. What the heck! 

I love oranges, the thin-skinned, not the thick ones. And, the little clementines... oh yum

I like bananas.. but I soon tire of them. Take a break, then buy them again. Yes, I know they are good for you.... but....

Lemons make that good lemonade and it sparks up so many dishes so that's a fav. I love/hate the videos on social media that show people feeding lemons to babies to get a reaction. The expressions are so cute but how awful it is for the tiny one ingesting that sour juice. 

Strawberries...any way, any time. 

I eat a lot of blueberries. Nice to combine those with strawberries, or cereal, or pancakes.

Kiwi... sort of

Plums, yes, yes and cherries, too. 

In my head, I am seeing pies, and drinks, and salads... 

Now, I've made myself hungry. So, off to the kitchen I go...

On another note... I went to the oncologist yesterday. Next up are a bunch of tests to see if this old body is ready for chemo. 


  1. Oh gosh. Take care. I haven't been a fan of fruit. It has to come so far to us. Except now, with strawberries and rhubarb growing.

  2. First, lifting prayers for successful test results!
    My mother loved fruit to distraction. It was her favorite food group. Me, on the other hand? I'm weird -- and loathe most kinds of fruit. The only kind I like are lemons and limes. She always used to say, it would be a mighty boring world if everybody liked the same things.

  3. Sorry you have to had chemo hope it will go well for you.

    The fruits I like the most are strawberries, raspberries and rhubarb in a pie with cream 😋

  4. Hope all continues to go well for your health Latane. Chemo is never fun but often it's not as bad as we were expecting - so don't over-think it yet, and perhaps you won't require it after all.

    Fruit brings mixed feelings for me as I have difficulty swallowing many raw fruits, especially apples. I do love my apples cooked into sauce with added blackberries or other berries, and in pies, crumbles etc. Bananas must still have a tinge of green, can't eat them ripe all soft and brown, yuck! Soon I'm hoping my figs will be ripening, I like them cooked too. I need to eat more fruit so this week started having a breakfast smoothie into which I added blueberries, cherries (after pitting), strawberries, banana - along with kefir, almond milk, grated coconut and . . . . . .wait for it - fresh spinach!!!! I know it's not a fruit but it's such a healthy veggie!!!! Tasted wonderful and was filling to the point it held me over until supper time!

    Hope you're not getting this pouring rain we're having - hopefully the sun will reappear over the weekend.
    Hugs - Mary

  5. First, prayers for good test results. Second, your fruit bowl looks like ours. Like you I have to rotate bananas ha ha! I like to slice them and add a tiny dollop of peanut better to them and eat with a fork. Helps me eat those bananas before they go bad. I also make a greek yogurt/peanut butter dip for apples. Extra protein can't hurt and it cuts the fat from the peanut butter.

  6. Apples and bananas (usually both with peanut butter) are my favorites. I do like peach (especially home-made fresh peach ice-cream). Can do green grapes and strawberries... but not often. Blueberries are OK (especially like them frozen)... and cherries are OK too (in moderation).
    Hope you don't need to do the chemo...

  7. I don't care for fruit like I used to. - I'm losing my sweet tooth. I do like the fruits you listed except for kiwi.

  8. I knew one other person who was allergic to apples. It's a rare allergy! I love strawberries!
    Praying your appt goes well and you get good news on the chemo.

  9. Apples are the most versatile fruit...think of applesauce, apple pie, apple crisp.....but my favourite fruit are cherries. Strawberries, raspberries & blueberries are right up there too. Have you noticed that bananas don't have much taste any more? It's not our imagination. My son was telling us that all the banana trees that we used to get our fruit from have gotten some disease and died out. Now we're getting a less tasty....but disease resistant....kind. Granny M

  10. Hoping for good test results re: chemo. If you find you need big deal, just push through and get it done.
    Big Hugs and prayer to you sweet lady!

  11. I like most fruit but it has to be just right. I like honey crisp apples, hate mealy apples. Like bananas but without any brown spots. Love watermelon, cantaloup, strawberries. Don't like plums.

  12. I also like fruit, Latane, but have been avoiding too much because of the sugar content and my ongoing weight loss "battle." That said, I do enjoy blueberries in yogurt and on cereal. And, there's nothing a dish of fresh chilled watermelon.

  13. I like fruit too:) Grapes, apples, pineapple, watermelon, cantaloup, strawberries are some of my faves. I am not a fan of bananas, cherries, blueberries. I try to eat those sometimes but just not my favorites! I hope you have a great day! Hope the tests come back that you can have the Chemo. Prayers and HUGS!


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