Monday, January 30, 2023

A Trip To The Big Apple

It's Monday and I am feeling like doing a  

The year was 1961

My folks were in Maryland visiting us so we all set off for New York City. Mom and my step-dad had never been nor had Elbert's twin sisters who were living with us. Thank goodness we had a huge station wagon or we never would have all fit in. There were 8 of us in that vehicle. 

We head out, lickedy-split (that's southern for going as fast as legal) down the highway. Then, POW.. a rear tire has blown. 

Elbert did a fantastic job getting us over onto the shoulder and he set about changing the tire. Burned his fingers that lug nut was so hot! Then, on we go again. 

We had a great time. It was Sunday so not as much traffic. We drove up Riverside Drive, seeing Grant's tomb, Riverside Church and a few other things. We head south again toward the inner-city. 

Now, this was in 1961.. a lot of racial tension going on. Birmingham and Selma and all that mess. And, a sign caught my eye.. we are driving down a street in the middle of Harlem.... with an Alabama car tag!!

But, it turned out fine. 

We ended up stopping to see a tv show being filmed. Does anyone remember Jan Murray? If you do, you just dated yourself!  haha. 

And, we went to Rockefeller Center. 

There's Mom, Elbert, my step-dad and one of Elbert's sisters.
this photo was digitally colored so there are mistakes here and there. 

I want you to notice the high heels the gals have on. And, Mama with her cute little purse. I am surprised she didn't have a hat on, too. Or maybe she did, I can't tell for sure.

Thanks for letting me share this memory with you!


  1. What a fun memory! That flat tire was a rough start, but you persevered and had a good time! I can't imagine sightseeing in high heels. :)

  2. Great memory! I enjoyed seeing the ladies dressed up and even the men are dressed up in their white shirts and dark pants. Do you remember what you were wearing that day?

  3. What a wonderful memory! And the picture is terrific!
    Blessings, Linda

  4. Love this memory and what a great picture! So special that everyone was dressed up and love seeing the fashions of the 60's!

  5. Yes, I remember Jan was born in 1951.
    Love the shirt waisted dress!

  6. Oh my gosh. The first thing I noticed was how dressed up your mom and your sister-in-law were and then, yes... the high heels. Those were sure high heels:)

  7. What a great memory. I remember travelling long ago with white gloves and heels. I even had new white gloves for college (1968), but don't think I wore them very often.


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