Thursday, January 12, 2023

Let The Games Begin!

 What a way to start the New Year! 

We have been struggling getting our activities started back up here at Centerbrooke since Covid. The staff is overloaded and besides we residents need to be active so I enlisted my daughter's help (she's dynamite at stuff like that). 

Back in Sept. she started coming once a month with home-baked muffins for our coffee time. It was a little slow getting going but this Wednesday we had a crowd of folks in the clubroom scarfing up the goodies. 

Nothing like a muffin (there were cranberry-orange, blueberry and banana nut) to put a smile on folks faces. 

One of our newest residents started a card-playing group. That has taken off too with a bang. We'll be playing twice a week. It's a fun game and perhaps we will play other card games later on. I even got up this morning and dragged (hehe) myself down to take on the team. I believe THEY took me down but there's always next time. Have any of you played Five Crowns? 

Every morning the puzzlers are busy at work. There is no telling how many puzzles that group has put together. Now, me? I can't stand sitting there wondering where this tiny little piece goes. I'm just no good at it. 

And, the pool table is kept pretty busy. 

I think we are on the right track. That Shirley (my daughter) has a ton of ideas so that should keep us outta trouble for awhile. 😀


  1. Hooray for getting the social activities going once again. Shirley's muffins look so attractive. I imagine word of mouth might be accounting for your bigger turn out. I have not heard of the game. I do like learning about new games especially if they are fun and don't require a great deal of skill.

  2. Sounds great! Shirley is an angel for organizing these activities for you and the group. Everyone enjoys staying active. I'm not a big fan of doing puzzles either, but can't resist trying if one is set up.

  3. Shirley is a blessing to be doing this. Her muffins look totally professional. I love that other residents are helping to set things up too.

  4. It is good that people are getting involved in socializing and game playing, Latane. Thanks for the heads up on this card game, it is a new one for me as well.

  5. All it needed was Shirley's initiative to start taking off. Good to get together.

  6. Hi Latane, So nice to see everyone coming together to socialize again. Wow! Shirley's muffins are done up so nicely. That's really nice of Shirley to provide those muffins and to help think up some future activities for all of you at Centerbrooke. I do not like working on puzzles. I did love doing them when I was a kid but not as I got older. Ha!

  7. well it sounds like all are having a great time! Your daughter is terrific to do all the muffin baking! I love muffins, with a nice hot coffee!!

  8. So nice of your Daughter to do this! I love that you all are getting together again and having fun. I haven't played that game but I am going to read about it. Enjoy your day dear friend, HUGS!

  9. The muffins look great! You look all very busy people!


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