Friday, January 27, 2023


I ran across this piece written by Ralph Fletcher
Can't remember where!
I used it to make a scrapbook page

Do you ever wonder about these things?
Other unanswered things? 

What do you wonder about? 



  1. When I was a child growing up Catholic, I often wondered why we didn't pray for the devil...

  2. I wonder how some folks can be so bigoted? Why are they so afraid of people who don't look like them? Why folks can fall for the Qnon folderol and believe it to be true?

  3. Fascinating list Latane. I'll be thinking about this one. Reading Marcia's comments, I wonder the same thing. There are so many people out there who are fearful, who have been made fearful by propaganda machinery. Such saturation is basically brainwashing and I always wonder what their agenda is. I think I know but my opinions aren't worth a hoot when someone believes so intensely, nothing will ever change their mind. I wonder how they came to be thinking that way, what was the root of it all?

  4. Hello! This is so interesting! I wonder why I never feel any older on the inside. I wonder why I thought I weighed too much years ago when that same weight is now what I want to weigh!

  5. Oh my goodness! I've begun a post (still in drafts) called "I wonder, wonder ..."
    These is a great list, as are others' comments. Giggling about praying for the devil.

  6. Very interesting!
    When watching the news, I wonder why some things happen, why people seem to have so little common sense and how some people can be so mean. Those are sad things to wonder about. I need to focus on some happy wondering!

  7. What a great list of things to wonder about ( and I do wonder about them too). Wondering about who decides what fashions are in ( or out) I wonder why anyone would pay good money for jeans that already have holes in them. GM

  8. Are birds warm in the Winter...where do they go.

  9. Great start to an “I Wonder” list, Latane, and there are so many more. I wonder why people are so focused on reading the news and then believing nearly everything. Of course, there are many other wonders in my list.


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