Sunday, May 22, 2022

The Beauty of a Butterfly

                                             Good Morning! 

   May your Sunday be filled with joy, hope, thankfulness and gratitude. 

I don't get out to make pictures like I once did. I don't do a lot of driving myself and it seems that everyone younger has their lives to live, jobs to do, kids to care for. I was there once upon a time 😀

I had butterflies on my mind this morning.

One of my Pinterest boards features butterflies. There are so many I have never seen and I'd give my eye teeth to see these. Oh wait a minute... I am already losing some teeth so maybe let's not take anymore teeth! 

But, these are so amazing that I just wanted to share them with you. 

How can anyone NOT appreciate their beauty and uniqueness. 

Have a wonderful Sunday, a wonderful week.



  1. The are lovely. Have you ever been to a butterfly garden? Last time I went to one in 2019 in AZ it was magical. They are contained by netting that you pass through to get in. On leaving you're checked so none escape!

  2. WOW what amazing looking butterflies. They are gorgeous. I've never seen any like them.

  3. Beautiful! So nice to take the time to appreciate something that I admire in passing! Thank you!


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