Wednesday, May 4, 2022

Fishing in the Rain

 A pretty heavy thunderstorm just passed over the apartment building. I mean it was coming down!!

And, there that heron stood, rain coming down on it's poor back, while it waited for a fish to swim by.

It shook itself in an effort to get the water off it's feathers. 

                      It didn't give up. 
    But, I did... I had to get in from the balcony before I drowned!


  1. That's a great view from your balcony. I wonder if the rain aids the fishing or not.

  2. Hope that his persistence paid off!

  3. Hi Latane, You are so lucky to have such a sight as that from your apartment!

  4. Beautiful and persistent heron! We had rain and wind this week too! Enjoy your Mother's Day dear friend, HUGS!

  5. I suspect the heron is used to rainstorms more than we humans, Latane. Certainly, hope it had a good fishing expedition too.


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