Monday, August 23, 2021

Masks or not, that is the question.

 I arose this morning knowing that it was going to be a good day. 

Why, you ask. 

Well, I finally have most of that organizing and throwing out done. I've set up a housekeeping schedule and am happy about that. 

Oh, I didn't tell you. Because of my age I had been having trouble pushing the vacumn around, mopping and leaning over in the bathtub to clean it. So, I had a cleaning lady come in. She's been coming ever since I moved in to the Commons 7 years ago. 

Well, the other day she let it slip that she had not had the Covid vaccine. I should have asked. It's my fault I didn't. And, if things had been going on the downhill slide like they had been doing, I wouldn't have thought twice about letting her continue to come clean. 

Now, she's been coming this whole year and how ever many months since Covid hit... no mask, giving me a hug, sitting and chatting. After 7 years you just sort of form a friendship. 

But, things are getting worse again. Yes, I've had my vaccination. But, I still am extremely cautious so it threw me for a loop to find out that she had been in my apartment numerous times. No one else has been except my family in all that time. 

So, I am going to have to put her on hold until this pandemic is more manageable. 

I have a Roomba so it can do my vacumning now. I am no longer using my tub/shower but rather my 'handicap' walk in shower and that's easier to clean. So, I'm gonna be fine. 

And, now.... on to something else. 

Just a little something from my past.

In 2000 my sweet hubby and I had been married for 50 years.
He gave me a beautiful diamond anniversary ring.
I was so surprised and happy. 
I miss that man!



  1. I'm like you in that I trust the people I know, but really should not.

  2. Your post hit a cord with me as I've been 'considering' having someone come in just to do some of the things I'm having difficulty doing due to age and some back problems (like cleaning the tub/shower). However, with the Delta Variant spiking, I have put this idea off for now. So, I do understand... even though you could ask your person to start wearing a mask... and practice a little more social distancing for now (whatever makes you feel comfortable).

  3. Love this photo so much, Mom! Yes, it's me! I finally got on here. I remember that special day.

  4. Do what you must to stay well dear, even if it means keeping away from unvaccinated loved ones. My daughter won't get vaccinated and I have not seen her in months - I am not only scared for us but also for her!
    I wish I had a cleaning person - house keeping is beginning to get painful at times!!!!!!
    Hello to your Marie - I see she's commented above - so long since I've seen anything from her - hope she and her family are well too.
    Hugs - Mary

    1. Dear Mary, like alot of young people, if your daughter gets covid, she'll likely have a few achey days, and then get over it, like it never happened.

  5. I am so very sorry about your husband. We have been married over 50 years as well. We live in Central Virginia, at the foot of Afton Mountain, I wonder how close we are to you? I believe you did the right thing about your heouskeeper. You cannot be too careful now. We are waiting for the go ahead for the covid booster shot. Your blog background is beautiful!

  6. What a beautiful Anniversary memory! This pandemic has thrown this planet for a loop!

  7. Good for you! We've been very careful here. I find so many bonkers people with weird ideas about COVID.

  8. I think you are wise to put this lady on hold. Can’t be careful enough over this thing. I would love one of those Roombas :)

    A beautiful photo of you with your hubby and I am so sorry he is no longer with you. So glad you have these sweet memories together.

  9. I agree about your housekeeper. Until she has been vaccinated, she should not be coming into your house. At our age, we can't be too careful. You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.

  10. you are very lucky to have had a wonderful man, i do as well!! i hope when the time comes (if he goes first) i will remember all of the happy times we had and how lucky i was to have him.

    i have a roomba too and i really love it!! BUT i need a cleaning lady too. this 3,00 s.f. house is just too much for me and right now, i can't even clean it. i wish i knew someone!!

  11. Yes I have heard of Suffolk! And we have been to Petersburg and Norfolk.

  12. I would have let the cleaner go too. Gotta stay safe as much as possible from this stinking virus. Beautiful picture of you and your husband. I know you miss him. Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

  13. I'm sad to hear this and hope that for her sake and her family she decides to be vaccinated. Can you find someone to help out on a temporary basis? Love the beautiful photograph.


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