Friday, August 6, 2021

Out It Goes

Man, have I been busy and will continue to be until I get everything sorted out, downsized, thrown name it, I am on it.

I had been working on downsizing my photographs. Have thrown away a ton of them that were out of focus, people my children wouldn't know who the heck they were, stupid stuff like tree stumps, interesting rocks. 

I went from 3 1/2 boxes down to 2 boxes. Progress!

Then I went through my closets. I seldom wear a dress anymore. So I pulled several out to donate to someone who can enjoy them. That felt good.

Last night I went through my recipe box. I keep my recipes on large file cards in a little file card box. 

I only kept out the ones that I knew I was capable and willing to prepare at this age. The rest went into a keepsake box I have set aside for my children. 

I am sure I will find something else before this URGE leaves me. It's so liberating to not be surrounded by things I can not use, wear, look at. You oughta try it. 


  1. Oh I have. I cleaned the linen closet this week and that was a very good thing accomplished. I should try the recipe decluttering and the photo decluttering. That one scares me because the photo collection goes back to the daguerreotype and, believe me, no one knows who those folks are. 😉

  2. Same here... but don't get very far when I start.

  3. I only keep what I this minimal life.

  4. I am about to start cleaning out and clearing out. It is tops on my list of things to get done. As I get older, I start thinking about getting rid of things I don't use and nobody would want to have left for them. Enjoy your day dear friend, HUGS!

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  6. I try to downsize, but I get in my own way. hahaha. You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.

  7. It is so freeing to clear things out and have vast empty spaces! I only have four of our sixteen kids still at home, but now, wouldn't you guess, we have ten grandkids, and when they come over, they want toys! I am afflicted terribly with the old "as soon as I throw it out, one of the kids is going to ask if I have one" dilemma. I tell myself that they can buy their own, and I really try to purge. I love the feeling of having less...then I find myself in the thrift store, ugh!

  8. There's a book I read that describes exactly what you're doing. The Gentle Art of Death Cleaning. It's worth the read though the title is a bit off putting. Your children will thank you for tackling this for them.


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