Saturday, November 5, 2022

Chore Time

                               Where did this spurt of energy come from?

Maybe it's because I am feeling well, hopeful for some new and exciting things in my life or maybe it's just cause those jobs sorely needed doing!!

Boy, how I can put off doing something I do not want to! 

                                 Do you do that?

Thursday I took everything out of the freezer section of my fridge. It was such a shambles. I got rid of food I'd never eat, repackaged some and organized what was in there. I freeze some things in quart bags, squish them flat to freeze them so they'll stack better. Well, I got me a shoebox (only thing I had that would work) and I stood those freezer bags up in that box. They'll stay put NOW!

When Michael was here last, he bought me a LARGE mum full of buds. It had bloomed and the blossoms were about spent so I sat down in my chair I keep in my out front corner and I clipped each and every one of those dead blossoms, one at a time! And, dropped them into a trash bag. 

There must have been a million of those things. But, look what was underneath those dead flowers.... new buds trying to pop through. But, let me tell you, that was a job. 

One day this week one of my friends that lived here at Centerbrooke was moving out and she dropped off 4 books for me. They look really good and I can't wait to dive into one of them. I think most of them are centered around WW11, which I have been on a WW11 reading kick for some time now. A perfect gift and right down my alley.

Not too long ago Susan shipped me a book she thought I might like to read. It's by Clint Hill who was the secret serviceman assigned to Jacqueline Kennedy. It was a delightful book. Name of it is 'My Travels With Mrs. Kennedy'. 

So, today is Saturday. It's football day around here. You all know I am an Alabama fan. And, tonight I turn my clocks back an hour. 

                 Gee what will I do with that extra hour? 


  1. Looks as if you will have a second flush of blooms. That will be nice. Yes, I put off things all the time. It is def a bad habit. Your books 📚 look interesting.

  2. Yes, I'm known to put things off too. :). That extra hour you have is the time we work on a jigsaw puzzle. :)

  3. I need to organize my freezer too! I love organization, but I'm not good at keeping it that way. I think you should read for your extra hour. Those books look fun!

  4. I vote for sleeping the extra hour...

  5. We've been putting off ripping up the living room carpet to get flooring put in. Just the thought of packing everything up, moving it all, the inconvenience of it all. We need to just do it! My Travels with Mrs. Kennedy sounds right up my alley. I've read Julie Andrews' book, Carrie Fisher's, President George Bush... I enjoy reading about those who have been in the public eye. Finding out what was really going on during those times the press told us what they thought they knew.


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