Monday, July 4, 2022

Playing With Dolls

 Happy Fourth of July to all my American friends and family

I could wax on and on about how great our country is, how we are grateful for freedom etc, etc, etc. but I won't. 

                Today I'd like to tell you a story. 

You see, some 30 years ago I made a few porcelain dolls (the porcelain parts were already molded but I had to do all the rest). I had 2 granddaughters and they were each gifted with a doll.                             

I made a little boy doll, named him Aaron. To this day he sits in a tiny chair in my bedroom. I think he's adorable and I enjoy his company. 
He's no trouble and doesn't talk back!
For some strange reason, my family dislikes Aaron, think he's spooky. He reminds them of Chucky from the horror movie. 

My daughter, Susan, won't even sleep in the room where he is!!!!!

I am not talking youngsters here. Susan will be 60 next birth-day, and she is scared of my sweet little doll!

I had moved the doll from the room where Michael was staying and put it in the other guest room. After Susan arrives, she starts to bed in that 'other guest room'.  Here she comes with that doll, holding it like it's hot as a baked 'tater. So, I take Aaron in my arms and hold him, cooing to him just like he's a baby.... just to tease them. 

When Susan goes into the bathroom before going to bed, Michael sneaks into her room and lies Aaron on her pillow. We wait... then we hear the shriek! And, here she comes again, holding that doll at arms length. Michael and I are dying laughing. I don't know when I have laughed so much and so hard. It was worth it for that reason alone. 

3 days later, Susan and Michael are getting into his car so he can take her to the airport. I always stand on my balcony to wave goodbye. I holler to get Susan's attention. There I am holding Aaron and making his little arm go up and down waving goodbye to Susan. Another shriek! And, again, Michael and I crack up laughing. 

It may not sound so funny to you but it was just the best ever! Sixty-year-olds and an 88 year-old playing with dolls. haha


  1. I would be laughing right along with you. I think he's cute!

  2. You are such a tease with that doll and your daughter, I thought he looks quite cute.

  3. Oh the shrieks and the laughter, I think everyone enjoyed the scenes with your doll. Have you seen the funny series, I think it is titled Travels with my father, by the comedian last name Whitehall. His father has a lifelike boy doll that travels the world with him, the son does not like it. The doll goes to Thailand, Egypt, everywhere.

  4. Above comment from Anonymous about the TV show is from me, Terra, at terragarden. Not some strange stalker, ha ha.

  5. It does sound very funny! You are a tease. I see no connection between Aaron and Chucky.

  6. I'd be shrieking right along with your daughter. :)

  7. lol, happy 4th to you...chucky, scary!!

  8. That's hysterical! I think Aaron is sweet! The other dolls are really beautiful too. My daughter treasures hers!

  9. What fun you and Michael had at Susan's expense, Latane, you were both naughty teases but no serious harm done. This post had me smiling early in the morning, so thanks.


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