Friday, January 7, 2022

#88 - can you believe it?

 # 88 has left the station. It's going strong, gonna make some exciting stops along the way and remain full steam ahead until it gets to where it's going. 

Yep, yesterday was my 88th birthday. I am so proud of my years. Some women don't want their age known and would never tell, but me.... I tell everybody, strangers even. ha ha. Isn't that a dorky thing to do.!!

It was a very quiet day. I never saw a single soul all day but I did have lots of birthday wishes on social media and calls from friends and family. 

I think Shirley felt odd about the fact that I was alone but she had taken me for a celebratory lunch the day before. I told her 'listen, these birthdays are overrated. I don't need to have a special day to celebrate 'cause I celebrate every single day'. And, isn't that the truth, if anyone my age is still kicking up their heels it's a blessing. 

Besides, it's cold out there and I am so chicken about getting out in the cold. I bet my poor car is wishing I would use it. It's been so long since I went anywhere in it I wonder if it will even crank! 

                                                   A bit of update on the sick folks:

Everyone in my daughter's family is over covid. The grandson-in-law's mother is on a ventilator now and is struggling. It's gonna be a long haul and we don't know the outcome. And, I got a call from my sister (well, her granddaughter made the call and held the phone up to her ear) and the first words out of her mouth to me was 'I love your white hair'. 

There's a story behind that. She never colored her hair so she has been gray a long time. But, she had not seen a picture of me after I let mine go gray so when her granddaughter showed her a picture of me, Sis thought it was one of her. Then, she was so excited that I had finally look like her now!! Gray hair and all. 

                                               Take care. Stay warm. Be safe. 


  1. Happy Birthday! Love your attitude! Every day is a gift!

  2. Happy Belated Birthday, 88 is surely a blessing and looks good on you! Enjoy your day and the year ahead. There are so many sick folks with the virus, some handle it better than others. Prayers for all who are fighting it. HUGS!

  3. Happy Birthday! You wear 88 and white well! That's a fun story about your sister being glad that you have joined her in the "look alike" department. Good to know that she is recovering. So glad your daughter's family is doing so much better, too. Ongoing prayers for those in need of them.

  4. If I'm still around at that age I will certainly not be keeping it quiet.

  5. I'm late here Latane, again my phone didn't allow my comment so now I'm on my laptop!
    Very happy belated birthday - that's an awesome age and you look nowhere near it. I love the photo of you laughing with your candle, and the earlier one with your sis who I pray is improving healthwise.
    Stay well and continue to be the lovely smiling lady you always are.
    Hugs - Mary

  6. Happy 88th Birthday, Latane. I would never guess you were that old--you are so young at heart! God bless you and I hope you have a wonderful year ahead of you- xo Diana

  7. Happy Birthday Latane! I am so glad to hear that your sister was able to talk to you.


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