Saturday, May 1, 2021

Wildflowers in Bloom

 I used to have a wildflower identification book!

Gee, I wonder where it went? Like a lot in my life, it just disappeared over the years.

I remember once, back in the late '80s, my husband and I took a less used road traveling through North Carolina, iding wildflowers along the way. That's when I had that book.

So.... no book but lordy mercy, who needs a book when they have google!!

On my and Michael's travels this time we identified some flowers that I had often wondered about. 

First was the yellow flower, tall on a thin stem, that looked like a dandelion. Dandelions don't grow on tall stems. So, what was it?

Michael pulled over and broke a blossom off for me while I got a couple snaps from my car seat. Those two look so much alike but this is a dandelion.

low to the ground with jagged leaves


here is the Meadow Hawkweed

on a long stem. The leaves are long and skinny. 

We also found out that a tree with purple blossoms blooming alongside the road ... no leaves yet... was a Purple Robe Black Locust. 

I hope I did not bore you to death with that. I just love learning new things. How many of you already knew that the yellow flower was a Meadow Hawkweed? 

Oh, and just look at the back row of petals on that blossom.
the rest of the petals are yellow but that back row is greenish/brown. So pretty when the sunlight shines through it.


  1. I had not heard of the Meadow Hawkweed. It is very pretty! I always enjoy learning new things and seeing pictures from other parts of the country and what grows there :)


  2. Not I! It is fun to learn new things. Trouble is remembering what I learned. Perhaps a sketchbook would be useful.


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