Saturday, May 22, 2021

Mountains In The Morning

I don't know why but it takes me days, and I mean DAYS, to get over a trip. 

Couldn't be my age!! 😁

It's been a slow go... I got home Thursday afternoon late. It took two days before I even touched the suitcase to unpack it. But, finally I got up the energy to get my hair cut today! Boy, did it need it!!!!

I took this picture on the way home. Posted it on facebook with the caption 'Mountains In the Morning' and commented that I thought it should be a country song.

                                         Well, guess what! it is.


I do love the mountains. There's something so majestic about them. With the swipe of His hand, God placed them there for us to enjoy. 


  1. Great photo. I grew up on a mountain in PA. We could see seven counties from our farm. I do miss the mountains. xo Diana

  2. We just visited the mountains and it is a gorgeous site. It takes me a while to get over trips these days too. Have a blessed and restful day dear friend. Hugs

  3. I always enjoy seeing the mountains when out driving. When my friend from Oklahoma visited me, I took her to the lake, the ocean, and the mountains. When I asked her what her favorite was—mountains!

    I still haven't had my hair cut and it surely needs it after a year. I wouldn't worry about recovering from a trip. You took the trip! That's the thing.

  4. Beautiful photo, wow! God is a magnificent artist!

  5. I hear you. People are having all sorts of trouble, some call it 'languishing' whereby we are just wiped out from all this stress. Canada isn't back, yet. Slowly we are getting vaxxed.


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