Friday, May 21, 2021

Announcement - Sequel to "Springtime In Magnolia"


I have an announcement to make. 

I once wrote a novel, "Springtime In Magnolia"

Publication date for that novel was 2014.

People who had read my novel started asking me when the sequel was coming out.

                               Writing a book is no easy task. Publishing takes time and effort. 
Marketing it yourself is a nightmare. 

I had several chapters already written but I didn't want to go through all that bother to get it ready for sale.

And, then I came up with a plan.

Beginning Sunday May 23rd the sequel will be posted (for free) on

Each Sunday a new chapter will be posted HERE

So, if you have read "Springtime In Magnolia" and enjoyed it

The next book "Summertime in Magnolia" will be available to begin reading Sunday! Hope you enjoy it. 

If you would like to read the first novel it is available on Amazon. 


  1. How sweet of you. I LOVE your blog.

  2. Thank you! Hope you are having a beautiful day! HUGS!

  3. You know now that I will have to order your first book...(it is on Kindle, isn't it?) And I'm sure you know that Kindle is coming out with a new idea. It is planning to let writers tell their stories in episodes. I think it's called Kindle Vella. It's an interesting idea.


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