Monday, May 10, 2021

Jalepenos for Mother's Day


This is funny! 

I am at my son's in Alabama so one of my daughters says for me to look for a delivery around noon on Mother's Day. 

I expected flowers and sure enough there was a dozen beautiful roses

More gifts? I open the next bag. It's a German Chocolate Cake! my favorite.... and another bag held two boxes of candy. One was Godiva and the other was Lindtl asst. pralines

This is just too much! But, wait, there is another bag.

I peer down in the plastic and see large dark green jalepenos ... seven of them. What the dickens?

I call my daughter to thank her for all the goodies, including the jalepenos

She didn't order any jalepenos. Not for Mother's Day, for gosh sakes, 

Now, we are wondering what poor soul is missing 7 jalepenos in an order they placed (and it got put in hers instead)

And, we have laughed and laughed at the SURPRISE gift. I hope I get a goofy surprise like that every Mother's Day. Laughter is great for your soul. 


  1. Now you'll have to figure out what to cook with them!

  2. Did Kristin Hannah's latest book come in the surprise delivery too? It's a great read.

  3. Oh my, you had me giggling this morning! I love jalapenos:) All of your goodies are wonderful, even the extras! Enjoy your day dear friend, HUGS!

  4. Oh my gosh... such a lot of lovely presents from your daughter. Jalapenos? Hmmm, I wonder how they got sent to you by mistake. Makes a great story though. ha!

  5. Somebody didn't get to cook what they planned :(, but happily you got lovely gifts for Mother's Day. Enjoy!


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