Thursday, April 29, 2021

A Picnic by The Side of the Road

 I decided to tag along with Michael when he headed home, 750 miles away.  One of these days I am going to realize that distance is not an option for these old bones!! It's more sooner than later! 

We had gotten to the mountains of Virginia and Michael was looking for us a shady place to eat the picnic we'd packed. Wasn't having any luck!!

So, he turns down this little side road and lo and behold, there surrounded by woods, was an electric substation. He pulled in, we got out and stretched our legs, let Sadie do her thing and then he opened up the cooler. 

Ham and cheese sandwiches, chips, peanut butter on club crackers and chocolate chip cookies for dessert. We ate underneath the canopy of trees, surrounded by wild flowers, moss and solitude. Such a wonderful break in our journey. 

Michael taking pictures of vegetation at our picnic site.


  1. Are you on your way to Alabama? It sounds like your son found a perfectly lovely place for your picnic lunch:)

  2. Oh I love a picnic...glad that your son found a spot. Glad that you are on a journey. Gotta grab your chances while Michael is still heading that way.

  3. So pretty and green! A perfect spot for a delicious picnic!


  4. Hope Michael can mover closer to you - he seems like a lovely son!
    Picnics are looking better and better in today's society!!!!!

  5. sounds perfect..too long a ride for me!!

  6. Yes, travel and these old bones don't go well but we must do it while we can:) Enjoy your trip and time together! HUGS!

  7. Enjoy your trip! I too am ready for a trip after over a year of isolation. My husband and I enjoyed taking a picnic when we traveled.


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