Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Where'd My Mama Go?

 Late yesterday afternoon, just about sunset, I sat down in my chair on the balcony. It was so much cooler than usual. I was enjoying the breeze, the view and then I spotted a young deer on the backside of the pond. It was feeding so I watched it awhile, took a couple pictures. 

After awhile it lay down and rested, out in the open. I thought that was odd. When it got up it just stood there and stood there and stood there, looking around like 'Where did my Mama go?' 

That broke my heart so I got up and went into the house so I couldn't witness those moments when a 'child' leaves home. (Or in this case, Mama goes off and leaves it) 

The deer having some dinner and.....

it's reflection in the pond. 


  1. I so understand your feelings of compassion for the young deer. We feed our deer here in suburbia and call our property 'Deer Haven'. Even on the Island at my Mother's I feed the deer and she enjoys their coming and going.💖

  2. Oh that's sad:( I sure hope that little cutie found it's Mama! Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

  3. I do hope that Mama came back for her baby. Have a super day, hugs, Edna B.

  4. Hope mama came back for her youngster. Perhaps she thinks it's time he/she learns to fend for itself though. As it no longer has spots it's most likely old enough to fend for itself. Hope it will be safe and enjoy living around your pond.

  5. Wow what a post. We all think of many mamas over the years. This one caught me by surprise.


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