Saturday, August 8, 2020

Steamed Crabs and Sunflowers

I made this scrapbook journal page last August but I am sure I haven't shared it. We just set so many goals for ourselves. I don't know about you but the goals on this page from last year sound pretty much like the goals I have set for this August. Maybe I'm in a rut.

I know one thing. I'd just as soon forget that 2020 happened. I told my son that I didn't have many years left to enjoy and by golly, if they didn't take a whole year from me. All this Covid stuff and staying home.

But, some good news on the horizon. Monday morning there will be a crew here to power wash the entire 4 story building, all the walkways, the balconies, the windows, everything! 

I am thrilled beyond beyond!! 
We were looking pretty shabby, old and tired. 
We'll get a new facelift. 

Last Saturday we went to my granddaughters on the Eastern Shore for a birthday celebration. It was fun to get out and be with family again. My great-grandson took me for a ride in his golf cart. That was fun! 

They have a huge field of sunflowers. Most were already hanging their heads but just look at this beauty. 

And, we dug into 2 bushels of steamed crabs. Didn't eat them all but we tried! 

Have a wonderful blessed Sunday tomorrow!

Take care and keep smiling! 


  1. You are managing to get out and about so much to wonderful places - I envy you! We feel the same way, not that many years left perhaps and this one is being wasted. It's so miserable - I'm really beginning to feel I'm in a bottomless pit now and will never get to climb out and travel again.

    Enjoy your spruced up buildings - bet they will look fabulous with a professional power wash!

    Love the golf cart photo!

  2. That birthday celebration brightened up the month. I know what you mean about losing precious time. Taking joy from previous family moments is all we can do at present.

  3. So glad you were able to get out for awhile and enjoy family. Your bldg. will look brand new once they pressure wash it. Enjoy your Sunday.

  4. Oh yes, I will be happy to see 2020 in the rear-view mirror:0 It has been a very different kind of year. I love it that you got to visit with family, take a ride in the fresh air and see those beautiful sunflowers. GREAT day for sure. Enjoy your Sunday dear friend, HUGS!

  5. This really has been a wasted year hasn't it? Still it is good we can salvage some good out of it. The young will get to read about all this in history books someday. We just want to get through it.

  6. good to see some joy and excitement. Tired of talking about the virus. Time for fun and you look like you are having it. I bet it was so fun riding the golf cart around the property. I love that. I loved reading your happy post. Happy Sunday to you!


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