Friday, August 14, 2020

Nothing going on here!

 I sort of like this going to the doctor over the phone~ 

It was my yearly Medicare Wellness check this morning so nothing serious to see a doctor in person about so we just chatted on the phone. I have the best doctor. She's always so interested in what's going on. 

I told her...nothing going on here. No I have not fallen, No I am not having any reactions to my meds, No I don't have a fever, a cough, aches or pains. I'm staying in for this covid thing, having my groceries home delivered. I like being alone so I am not depressed. Oh, by the way, could you please refill my prescriptions, while you're at it!! Thank you and we hung up. 

Now, that's the way to go to the doctor! 


  1. Had the same with my doctor. I avoided a 5 block walk in this hot and humid weather. Refill order was sent to Rite Aid and delivered. So simple.

  2. Yippee, I see why you are dancing:) Enjoy your Saturday dear friend, HUGS!

  3. I like your way of 'going to the doctor'. Mine comes here which is the next best thing! Happy Saturday.

  4. I agree, that's the best way to have a doctor visit. Have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.

  5. So glad you are in tip top shape dear Latane.
    Keep it up girlfriend!!!!!

  6. I like your dancing grandma! Wish I were as spry! It just be satisfying to be able to tell your doctor that all is well with you.💖

  7. Fun to see that "G-ma" is so limber. I've not done the online Dr visit but it does sound interesting! Have a grand day!


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