Saturday, April 4, 2020

Where Am I?

 Okay, folks... I don't know what's up but I am getting NO traffic on my blog. 

It's been that way since I got those anonymous nasty comments and I changed my setting off public. I got nothing. Changed it back to public... nothing, no comments, no traffic. 

                                               Am I still here? 


  1. Hi Latane... I see you are still "here", or should I say "there?":) For a few days I wasn't able to get into your blog. The internet said I needed to be invited. I hope you get a lot of good comments today. I like reading your blogs. The sun is out here this Saturday morning so we should have a good day although still a bit chilly.

  2. Today is the first day in a few that I could get into your blog, it kept saying it was by invitation only😠 glad to be back and see you are ok! Greetings from Truro Nova Scotia Canada

  3. I am waving at you from my virtual balcony.

    Thanks for your posts.


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