Tuesday, April 14, 2020

This 'ain't' No Game

I thought it was weird that the day the Commons staff closed the doors, told us to stay inside etc, etc, etc, was on Friday the 13th - a month ago. Not a good sign, it being Friday the 13th and all but we residents took it in stride. 

In the beginning it was sort of an adventure. A game "Can We Do This?"It isn't much of a game anymore. I am getting bored, restless. I'd give my eye teeth to go to a restaurant for a really good meal.

So, to catch you up on the last few days....

Easter Sunday we had a very special church service in the courtyard. Thankfully, the weather cooperated. Chairs were spaced over 6 feet apart

    those that didn't want to come down stood at the railings above. 

We sang some hymns, heard a sweet message about 'Jesus's Retirement', pretty appropriate for all these retirees around here. And, we ended the service by singing 'God Bless America'. 

In the afternoon, dau Shirley and her hubby, John, drove down for us to have one of our 'social distancing' picnics out on the grounds. They brought me a chalupa and a Dr. Pepper. I was one happy gal. Just as I was finishing up and thinking to myself, 'I wish I had another chalupa' (I had been hungry and it had been quite awhile since I'd had a chalupa) Shirley pulls the second one out of the bag. That girl knows me like a book. She also brought me some homemade chicken-rice soup, sausage balls, black grapes and a pan of cornbread dressing. I am eating 'high on the hogs' these days. 

Monday we had that wave of rough weather go through. So much damage all along it's path. I am just hoping the rest of the week is smooth sailing. 


  1. How good to have the church service in the courtyard, with 6 foot social distancing and some people up in their balconies, and then your delicious picnic meal.

  2. I am with you girl! Ready to be among people again! Sounds like you had a good meal and lots to enjoy this week. Have a blessed and beautiful day dear friend, let's hang in there together. This too shall pass (I keep repeating this)! HUGS!

  3. You were blessed to have a church service in the courtyard. We are still only being able to watch on FB or the tv. Like Theresa said, this too shall pass and we just have to hang in until it does.

  4. I'm so glad to hear that you are still safe and doing well. Hang i there. Look for the light at the end of the tunnel. I believe. You stay safe and have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.

  5. How nice you could be with your daughter even at a distance, and enjoy someone else’s cooking besides! I can’t wait as I am tired of my own cooking, too! I’m curious about that message about “Jesus’ retirement”. That’s one I haven’t heard! Stay safe. Bored is better than sick!


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