Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Anonymous Go Away!

Once again I am getting disturbing comments from someone "Anonymous".

Each time it happens I have gone in to settings and made changes that I thought would help.

In the basic settings the only choices I have is:
Public - which allows anyone to access my blog
Private - only I can see my blog
Private - I chose the readers I want and then they have to log in before seeing my blog.

That's it... the only choices in Basic

In the Posts, Comment settings:

1. Anyone and that includes anonymous comments
2. Users -  only those with a Google account. I feel that this is attempt at Google to control who I can have as users. If I chose this option I shut out others who are not on Google.
3. Only members of this blog - Which seems very limiting to me.

This morning I used the setting to stop search engines from finding my blog.
And, I changed the Moderation to Always. It was on Never.

If, after this attempt, it continues I will have to rethink this blogging thing. I've done everything that is made available to me and that I could think of.

It is sad that people with no life of their own, choses to disrupt other peoples lives, just for the fun of it.


  1. I can’t stand the nasty comments. 😡. No place for it in Blogland. Enjoy your day, Hugs

  2. I changed to moderation for the same reason. You'll still get the comments (though not as many I think) but at least they won't post unless you say so. Good luck.

  3. Moderation should do it. It has worked for me. A bit more work but you get to zap the creeps before they see the light of day. Good luck.

  4. I had a batch of those today. To be honest I find it easier to delete them as spam because like you I can't see a way to prevent them commenting.

  5. I never get the anonymous user comments. I have my comment moderation turned on and it comes to my email first. If it was anonymous, I would not hit publish in my email.

    Down below I have checked in my settings of the three only one and that is -user with google accts.- and then comment moderation is turned on.

    Who can comment?
    Anyone - includes Anonymous Users
    User with Google Accounts
    Only members of this blog
    Comment Moderation ?

    It is terrible that cowards are using anonymous. Well that's what I think they are anyway. Hope you get it worked out, Betsy

  6. It is frustrating! I disallowed anonymous comments and my unwelcome comments have stopped.

  7. Are you getting comments? Just checking:) Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

  8. I think I am getting the same spam messages as you are and on the same day. Yes, they are nasty but I don’t read them beyond the first sentence and check my email often. When I see one has appeared I go to Blogger, delete it, and report it as spam. That’s easy when it’s one message. Tuesday I got 390 of them in a two hour period before Blogger caught the spammer and began deleting them as spam. I had to delete all the email messages myself, however! Not fun. But I won’t let the spammers win and quit blogging! I hope you won’t either.

  9. Yes, Latane, it is indeed sad that some unscrupulous people have nothing better to do. I check comments daily and any that are definitely spam or even seem suspicious are immediately marked as spam and then deleted. I hope that you don't have to give up something you enjoy because of others. That;s not right or fair.

  10. I got a very ugly comment the other day and deleted it. It seemed to be very similar to one I got a month ago. I'm probably going to moderation. I've gone years with none of this and now several times. Very sad!

  11. There's often a downside to blogging about ourselves, but overall I've found it to be a positive experience. Have you tried setting word verification (settings > comments) to 'yes'? That makes commenters prove they're a person and not a bot. That might stop some of that. Or mark one of the anonymous comments as spam. Future comments from that source should then automatically be in the spam folder, which you can read or ignore.
    I'm certainly no expert, but I've stumbled across a few tricks.

  12. Hi Latane... just stopping by to say hi...

    I have my comments so that I have to moderate them, and either publish or toss in the garbage ...not that I get too many anon or ridiculous things...but, honestly, from time to time...the idiots do come out of the woodwork.
    I haven't looked at the settings for it recently..but, all I know is... I see in my email (for almost all of the comments) .. that somebody has stopped by to leave a comment... I go to comment moderation,...and then, have to publish it from there so at least if it is something stupid...I just toss it.
    Love your view from your apartment.... wonderful...

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